James Burgoyne

Jim Burgoyne

James Burgoyne was born in September 1908, in Warwickshire. After leaving school, he was apprenticed to the Austin company and took up speedway. He became a farmer and later ran a printing and stationary business. Jim began competing in 1950 in the ex Moss Cooper Mk III  achieving a number of good placings, including a second to Moss at Brands in June. He continued in this car through to '53 and became a member of the BRDC.

Jim at Prescott in May 1950 on his way to third fastest time. Photo Guy Griffiths, courtesy Graham Burgoyne.

Second to Moss at Brands in June 1950. Photo Guy Griffiths, courtesy Graham Burgoyne.


Not such a good day at Brands in October '50

By the end of the year, he recognised that the car was uncompetitive and sold it John Love in Southern Rhodesia.

Known results in the Cooper:


Prescott Hill 20th May 1950, 3rd

Brands Hatch 25th June 1950, 2nd in open challenge heat, 4th in production heat, race for the 10 fastest, 2nd

Prescott Hill 16th July 1950, 3rd

Shelsley Walsh 23rd September 1950, 4th

Brands Hatch 14th October 1950, 4th in open final, 6th in Brands Hatch championship final, DNF in championship of the meeting


Brough 25th March 1951, 4th in heat

Pau 26th March 1951, 5th

Silverstone 14th July 1951 Grand Prix, 21st

Lydstep 2nd September 1951, 3rd

Shelsley Walsh 22nd September 1951, 8th

Peplow 21st October 1951, 2nd


Attingham 28th June 1952. 2nd

Shelsley Walsh 30th August 1952, 3rd


Brands Hatch 7th April 1953, DNF in Easter 25

Silverstone 9th May 1953 International Trophy Meeting, DNF

Shelsley Walsh 6th June 1953, 3rd

Oulton Park 8th August 1953 Inaugural Meeting, DNS

Jim's business' at the time were in Wolverhampton so he soon found his way to Cyril Kieft's works nearby. In search of more power than the dominant Manx Norton, Jack Turner had commissioned a four cylinder engine and Jim chose to use this in his new Kieft. At Oulton Park, in August 1954, he gave the Turner Kieft its debut. Jim made considerable efforts were made to improve power output and reliability and some good placings were achieved but it never matched the performance of the Norton.

The business end of the Turner Kieft at Mallory Park in 1954.

Known results in the Turner Kieft:

Silverstone 7th May 1955 Daily Express International 50 Mile Race, DNF

Shelsley Walsh 19th June 1955, 7th

Oulton Park 27th August 1955 John Bull Trophy, DNF in heat

Silverstone 4th May 1958 Daily Express Trophy, DNF

By 1958, he saw that Formula 3 was on the wane and returned to farming. James Burgoyne died in July 1963 at the young age of 55. The Turner Kieft is now in the Coventry Motor Museum. Our thanks to Graham Burgoyne for his assistance and photos.