John Brown

John Brown

John raced a number of different cars during his 500 career, a Cooper, an Arnott, some appearances in Les Leston's Special, a Martin alongside Denis Taylor as Ecurie Premier, the ex Reg Bicknell Staride and finally a Cooper again. He competed for seven years in all and racked up many creditable results along the way if no major wins.

John, in his Martin leads Don Gray's Kieft in his heat of the Elizabethan Trophy, July 1953.

Some of John's results:

Brands Hatch 24th June 1951 International Trophy, 3rd in heat.

Brands Hatch 6th August 1951 Daily Telegraph Trophy, 4th in Open Challenge heat.

Brands Hatch 9th September 1951, 6th in Junior heat.

Brands Hatch 21st October 1951, 4th in Junior heat, 3rd in final, 6th in Brands Hatch championship heat, 6th in final.


Brands Hatch 14th April 1952, DNF

Brands Hatch 18th May 1952, 1st in Junior heat, 2nd in final

Silverstone 23rd August 1952 Commander Yorke Trophy, 6th in heat 2, DNF in final

Brands Hatch 21st September 1952, 2nd in Senior final.

Castle Combe 4th October 1952, 2nd in heat.


Castle Combe 4th April 1953, 2nd in heat, DNF in final.

Ibsley 18th April 1953, 4th in heat, 7th in final.

Brands Hatch 24th May 1953 Coronation Trophy, 2nd in Open challenge heat, DNF in Senior race heat.

Brands Hatch 14th June 1953, 4th in Open challenge heat, DNF in Senior race.

Snetterton 27th June 1953, DNF.

Crystal Palace 11th July 1953, 2nd in Elizabethan Trophy heat, 3rd in final.

Brands Hatch 3rd August 1953 International Trophy Meeting, 2nd in International Trophy heat.


Castle Combe 3rd April 1954, 4th in heat, 5th in final.

Ibsley 8th May 1954, DNF.

Brands Hatch 7th June 1954 Whit-Monday Meeting, 6th in Open challenge final, 6th in Senior race.

Crystal Palace 18th June 1954, 3rd in race 2.


Castle Combe 9th April 1955, 6th in race 2.

Brands Hatch 1st May 1955, 2nd in Consolation race.

Brands Hatch 29th May 1955 Sporting Record Trophy, 1st in Consolation final.

Crystal Palace 30th May 1955 Redex Trophy, 7th in heat.

Brands Hatch 12th June 1955, 3rd in Senior heat.

Brands Hatch 10th July 1955 Sporting Record Trophy, 3rd in heat.

Aintree 16th July 1955 British Grand Prix, DNF.

Crystal Palace 30th July 1955, 2nd in Junior race.

Brands Hatch 1st August 1955 Daily Telegraph Trophy, 1st in Consolation final.

Snetterton 13th August 1955 Eastern Daily Press, DNF.

Cadwell Park 2nd October 1955, 4th in All Comers heat.

Brands Hatch 9th October 1955 Sporting Record Trophy, 6th in heat.

Brands Hatch 26th December 1955 Yuletide Trophy, 5th in heat.


Brands Hatch 20th May 1956 Sporting Record Trophy, 4th in heat.

Crystal Palace 21st May 1956 Redex Trophy, 7th in heat.

Silverstone 23rd June 1956, 2nd in heat.

Brands Hatch 9th September 1956 Rochester Cup, 3rd in heat.

Silverstone 29th September 1956 Commander Yorke Trophy, 5th in heat.

Snetterton 7th October 1956, DNF.


Brands Hatch 22nd April 1957 Sporting Record Trophy, 3rd.

Silverstone 27th July 1957 Commander Yorke Trophy, 3rd in heat.

Brands Hatch 6th October 1957 Sporting Record Trophy, 5th.


Brands Hatch 4th August 1958 World Sports Trophy, 7th in heat.

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