Knut Ericsson

Knut Ericsson

Knut Ericsson started racing in 1948, the first year of competition in Sweden, in his own Knut Ericsson Special, which we know nothing about. He achieved some very respectable results including:

Kumla 1st August.1948, 1st

Lindalsbacken, Laxå 16th August 1948, 2nd to Sven Andersson

Röforsloppet 29th August 1948, 3rd

Eskilstuna 3rd September 1948, 3rd

Malmö 5th September 1948, 4th= in race 1

Harby fräsen Nybro 10th October 1948, 2nd

Knut changed to an Effyh for 1950:

Skövde 18th May 1950, 4th

Linköping 24th September 1950, 1st= with Sven Andersson

Brands Hatch 12th May 1951 Daily Telegraph International Trophy, 4th in heat

Karlskoga 31st August 1952, 3rd

Varnpen Loppet 8th March 1953, 1st

Sundsvall, Bergsåker 1st May, 1953, 3rd

Knut at Brands Hatch in May 1951



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