Mervyn Kearon

Mervyn Kearon

Mervyn Kearon, a pub Landlord and commercial vehicle dealer from Liverpool, came to 500s at the beginning of 1949, in his new Cooper Mk III, bought from Peter Blake Reece, cousin of Jackie  Reece, and was a regular through to 1953, primarily on the hills. He was often well placed but achieved few outright wins. Some notable results include fourth at Brough in April 1949, fifth at Prescott in May and sixth in June, third at Rhydymwyn on the 9th July and two third places back at Brough on the 17th. He improved again at Prescott in September to take third then back to fourth in May 1950 and again in September. In May 1951, Mervyn took second behind Peter Collins at Altcar then a second in the scratch race and a handicap win at Brough in June followed by fifth at Gamston in August and second at Altcar on 15th September.

Mervyn collects his new Cooper Mk III.

By 1952, his first Cooper was becoming outclassed and he appears to have moved up to a Mk V. He achieved a fourth in the scratch race at Brough in October, third at Rhydymwyn 28th March 1953, fifth at Brough in April and second back at Rhydymwyn on 10th October. He begins to share one of his cars with Hon Edward Greenall before selling. He then moved into sports cars with a Lotus XI.

Altcar sprint, October 1952

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