Pat Prosser

Pat Prosser

Pat Prosser joined forces with Comish Hunter to buy Cooper Mk IIs in 1948 but when his fellow Scots adopted JPs, Pat stayed faithful to Surbiton, acquiring a Mk V for 1951. Pat became Cooper's agents for Scotland for a while. Like many of his fellows he largely competed in Scotland only making the occasional foray south for Brough or a major Silverstone meeting.

Pat at Turnberry in September 1951

Some results for Pat:

Bo'ness 17th September 1948, 2nd to Joe Potts


Silverstone 14th May 1949 British Grand Prix, 8th

Bo'ness 25th June 1949, 3rd to Colin Strang and Joe Potts

Rest and be Thankful 9th July 1949 Inaugural Event, 2nd to Joe Potts

Silverstone 20th August 1949 50 Mile Race, DNF

Bo'ness 17th September 1949, 2nd to Joe Potts


Brough 7th April 1950, 3rd in heat, 2nd in final to Don Parker

Silverstone 13th May 1950 "Royal" Meeting Grand Prix d'Europe, 7th in heat, 10th in final

Winfield 7th October 1950, 2nd to Comish Hunter


Brough 25th March 1951, 2nd in heat to Dick Richards

Rest and be Thankful 7th July 1951, NT

Silverstone 14th July 1951 Grand Prix, 17th

Winfield 21st July 1951, DNF

Turnberry 1st September 1951, DNF

Bo'ness 29th September 1951, 4th


Charterhall 6th April 1952, 2nd to Alex McGlashan

Brough 12th April 1952, 3rd in heat of handicap race

Beveridge Park, Kirkcaldy 26th April 1952, DNF

Turnberry 3rd May 1952, 2nd to Ninian Sanderson

Bo'ness 28th June 1952, 3rd behind Ninian Sanderson and Alex McGlashan


Bo'ness 27th June 1953, 3rd

Pat made the cover of Autosport in September 1951

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