Pauline Brock

Pauline Brock

Pauline Brock (nee Welton) was a regular on the hills from 1955 and occasionally tried her hand on the circuits. She also did the occasional rally. Brock was her maiden name, not her married name. She married Jack Welton (a Cheltenham motor trader & 500s racer & hillclimber) in 1957, although continued to compete under her maiden name. They then lived at Pardon Farm, halfway up Prescott hillclimb.

Pauline at Shelsley in August 1956

Some results for Pauline:

Prescott 14th May 1955, NT

Shelsley Walsh 19th June 1955, unknown

Prescott 26th July 1955, unknown

Cadwell Park 21st May 1956 Sheffield Telegraph Trophy, DNF in heat, 4th in Handicap race,

Cadwell Park 6th August 1956, 7th in heat,

Shelsley Walsh 25th August 1956, fastest lady

Prescott 8th September 1957, 1st

Prescott 4th May 1958, 1st

Prescott 8th June 1958, 2nd


Prescott, 8th September 1957

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