Pentti Loivaranta

Pentti Loivaranta

Pentti Loivaranta first appears towards the end of 1951 in the KG Special but from 1952, he is in the Elhoo of Seppo Loivaranta and continues right through to 1962.

Pentti and his mechanic, Kalevi Leivo, Djurgarden 11th May 1952

Some results for Pentti Loivaranta:

Hyvinkää 30th September 1951, DNF


Skarpnäck 14th September 1952, 2nd


Helsinki 10th May 1953

Tampere 13th May 1953

Lappeenranta 17th May 1953, 1st

Imatra 7th June 1953, 1st

Skarpnäck 11th & 12th September 1953, 1st Sweden V Finland Match, 2nd in International race heat, 3rd in final


Tampere 25th April 1954, 1st

Helsinki 9th May 1954, 4th

Lappeenranta 12th May 1954, 1st

Skarpnäck 5th September 1954, 4th


Turku 21st August 1955, 1st

Stockholm 4th September 1955, 6th


Lappeenranta 18th August 1957, 1st (Cooper)


Helsinki 15th May 1958, 7th


Helsinki 10th May 1959, 6th


Helsinki 15th May 1960, 5th

Jyvälskyä 6th June 1960, 1st


Helsinki 11th May 1961, 4th (Cooper)


Helsinki 13th May 1962, 7th

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