Philip Barak

Philip Barak

Philip Barak was born in Whitley Bay, Northumberland in 1934. After completing National Service in a Malaya as an artillery observer, Philip started racing in 1956 and is still competing. He acquired his first car, a Cooper Mk VI-Norton, from the Border Reivers team, his first outing was at Brough in March 1956, in a car which would have been somewhat outclassed by the later Mk IX and Xs at that time. He managed a respectable sixth place in his heat. After selling this car to Ian Raby, for 1959, he had upgraded to a Cooper Mk VIII and took his first win at Rufforth, After a shunt at Mallory, the car was upgraded to a later specification chassis for the rest of the season.

Phil in his first Cooper.

Some results for Philip:

Brough 25th March 1956, 6th in heat 1

Mallory Park 6th August 1956, DNF in consolation final

Rufforth 28th March 1959, 2nd

Silverstone 9th May 1959, 5th

Silverstone 1959

After this, Philip spent the next 50 plus years racing pretty much anything and everything including; Lotus 11, Lotus Cortina, Cooper Ferrari, Lotus 17, Brabham F2, Formula Ford, Escort V8, Baby Bertha, Lotus Esprit, Chevron, Mallock and others. And he is still competing.