Robert Nellemann

Robert Nellemann

Robert Nellemann's eponymous first car was one of the first Danish 'Midget' cars to be built and the first to fit into the eventual 500cc F3 regulations. Later, the Silver Bird, of 1949 was the second special to be raced by Robert, but it was only this car that carried the name of Silver Bird, due to its polished aluminium bodywork. Robert gave up building cars after the Silver Bird to concentrate on driving, including a Cooper Mk XII








testing the first Nellemann

in the Silver Bird and his later Cooper

Robert Nellemann was Danish National Champion in: 1950, '51, '53 and '55 in the Silver Bird and 1960, '63, '64 and '65 in the Cooper.




Monte Carlo Rally, 1963 in a Ford Zodiac.

Some known results for Robert:

Malmö 5th September 1948, 2nd in race 2 (Nellemann)


Skarpnäck 25th May 1949, 2nd (Silverbird)


Korsör 10th September 1950, 1st (Silverbird)


Falkenberg 20th July 1952, 3rd (Cooper)

Karlskoga 31st August 1952, 1st (Cooper)


Helsinki 10th May 1953, DNF (Elhoo)

Falkenberg 19th July 1953, 4th (Cooper)

Skarpnäck 11th & 12th September 1953, 3rd in International heat, 7th in final (Cooper)


Helsinki 9th May 1954, 9th (Cooper)

Hedemora 23rd May 1954, 2nd (Cooper Mk VII)


Roskildering 5th June 1955, 1st (Silverbird)

Roskildering 9th October 1955, 1st (Silverbird)


Helsinki 10th May 1956, 6th (Cooper)

Roskildering 29th July 1956, 1st in heat 1, 2nd in heat 2, 1st on aggregate (Cooper Mk X)


Falkenberg 10th July 1960, 2nd (Alfa-Dana)

Roskildering 2nd October 1960, 1st (Cooper Mk XII)