Scott Bloor

Scott Bloor

Scott Bloor was one of the most prolific competitors in Formula 3 and yet we know very little about him, so please get in touch if you can help us. Scott hailed from Oldham and started racing in 1952, in a Cooper Mk IV-JAP and continued right through until 1959, upgrading to a Mk VII for '54 and a Mk VIII in '55. Rarely taking the major races he nevertheless produced some good performances and was regularly well placed with the occasional win.

On the grid at Mallory Park, August 1957.

Here are some of Scott's results:

Brough, October 1952 placed 3rd in Heat for the Handicap race.


Crystal Palace,  July 1953, placed 5th in the Petit Prix for junior drivers.

Cadwell Park, September 1953, 2nd in the Scratch Race and 3rd in the Handicap Race.


Brough, April 1954, 2nd in Handicap Heat and 5th in the Final.

Cadwell Park, June 1954, 2nd in the Handicap Race.

Cadwell Park, July 1954, 1st.

Davidstow, August 1954, 5th.

Oulton Park Gold Cup Meeting,  August 1954, 3rd in Race 1.

Silverstone, September 1954, 4th.

Silverstone, September 1954, 1st.

Cadwell Park, October 1954, 3rd.


Brough, April 1955, 3rd in the Scratch Race Heat 1 and 3rd in the Handicap Race.

Brands Hatch, April 1955, 2nd in the Senior Race Second Final.

Oulton Park, April 1955, 3rd. Silverstone, May 1955, 1st

Silverstone, 14th may 1955, 1st

Cadwell Park, 31st May 1955, 2nd in final

Brands Hatch, June 1955, 3rd in the Senior Race Heat.

Silverstone, June 1955, 3rd in the Final.

Cadwell Park, August 1955, 2nd in Heat, 3rd in the Final and 1st in the Handicap Race.

Silverstone, September 1955, 3rd in Race 1 and 3rd in the Heat for the Commander Yorke Trophy and 5th in the 100 mile Final.

Cadwell Park, October 1955, 3rd in the All comers Race Heat 1.


Brough, March 1956, 2nd in Heat, 3rd in the Final.

Silverstone, May 1956, 2nd in Heat and 2nd in the Final.

Cadwell Park, May 1956, 3rd in Heat.

Cadwell Park, August 1956, 3rd in Heat and 4th in the Final.

Silverstone, July 1957, 3rd in Heat. Mallory Park, August 1957, 3rd in Final.


Mallory Park, April 1958, 2nd.

Mallory Park, May 1958, 2nd.

Silverstone, July 1958, 5th in the Grand Prix Support Race.

Cadwell Park, August 1958, 5th.

Silverstone, August 1958, 1st

Oulton Park, September 1958, 6th.


Mallory Park, April 1959,1st.

Silverstone, May 1959, 3rd.

For 1960, Scott moved into Formula Junior in an Elva. If anyone has more details, please get in touch.