Ted Frost

Ted Frost

Ted Frost was very much the wandering minstrel, appearing all over Europe but we only have one result for him in England. His first few races at the tail end of 1950 were in a Cooper but for 1951 he acquired an Emeryson for his Continental tour.

Some results for Ted:

San Sebastian, Spain 3rd September 1950, DNF in race 1, 2nd in race 2

Brands Hatch 17th September 1950, 7th in junior heat


Luxembourg 3rd May 1951 Grand Prix, DNF

Hockenheim 14th May 1951, 2nd in final

Genoa, Italy 20th May 1951, 6th

Nürburgring 3rd June 1951, DNF

Avus 1st July 1951, DNF in heat

Nürburgring 29th July 1951 German Grand Prix, 25th

Freiburg 5th August 1951, 11th

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