Tony Marsh

Tony Marsh

Anthony Ernest Marsh was born in Stourbridge in 1931. He won the British hillclimb Championship three times in a row from 1955 to 1957 in his Cooper Mk VIII, mostly using his car in 1,100 trim. He also made an occasional race start, winning the JAP race at Silverstone in August 1954, third in the JAP race at Crystal Palace in September. He won the JAP race at Snetterton in May 1955 and set fastest time at Great Auclum in August.

Marsh ran an F2 Cooper-Climax in the 1957 and 58 German Grand Prix and then drove a Lotus in two races in 1961. He switched to a works BRM for 1962 but suffered problems with cracked bell housings and cylinder blocks to the point where he took legal proceedings against the company.

He reverted back on the hills and earned another hat trick in his Marsh-Buick Special from 1965 to 1967. Tony continued to compete until well into his 70s.

Tony died in May 2009.

At Prescott in 1956 with his JAP twin Cooper Mk VIII

A good day at Rest and be Thankful in July 1956