Viggo Petersen

Viggo Petersen

Viggo Petersen was born in September 1922. He quickly became interested in all things mechanical and began competing on motorcycles before graduating to cars, first in BMW 328 then a modified Dyna-Panhard. He also developed a form of swinging car lift aimed at small garages.

Viggo initially raced a Cooper Mk II and achieved a win in the JAP race at Roskildering in July 1956, in spite of the fact that it would have been an old car by this time, then a fifth place at the end of the month.

Later he switched to the KP Special, which he built with Per Krogh. The car was based on an Alfa Dana (itself based on a Cooper Mk IX), but with their own suspension setup. Sadly, it still ran with a JAP engine which would have been a considerable handicap compared with the Norton by 1958 Viggo still managed to record a third at Fargelbarn and a seventh at Roskildering in June.

Known results:

Roskildering 15th May 1958, 2nd in JAP race

Fargelbarn 8th June 1958, 3rd in JAP race

Roskildering 22nd June 1958,  7th

Roskildering 14th September 1958, 5th

Roskildering 19th October 1958, 5th

Viggo went on to develop a glass fibre sports car. He died in December 2006

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Viggo's Cooper Mk II

On the grid at Roskildering, 1958 in the KP Special.

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Tightening the head bolts on his JAP