Prescott Results 260512

Prescott 26th May 2012

Glorious Gloucestershire and the picturesque and sunny setting of Prescott welcomed a merry band of 14 drivers with their cars for round three. The entries included two new faces in Stuart Barnes with an immaculate IOTA P1 and David Bishop-Miller, who at 16 must be our youngest pilot, driving the venerable Cooper Mk 2, Kenya. Stuart has spent many years restoring his car and it was interesting to see how it differs from mine.

Practice 1 was relatively uneventful and the hot weather should have given a grippy surface but there were still a few wheels into the gravel, especially at Ettores. Practice 2 saw a few more niggles emerging, most notably fuel issues for Ted, which was frustrating as the car had tested well back in the week. Ian Patton also had problems that were to stop him.

Too cool for school, Mark wins again. Photo Mike Wood

So on to the afternoon, with 12 drivers raring to go. First away was young David, recording a respectable time for his first ever competition run. Unfortunately, someone had left oil on the entry hairpin to the return road so car failed to turn and hit a post head on. This brought a halt to proceedings for a short while whilst he was checked over. Thankfully he was fine, even if the car was a bit bent. The next car was father Richard’s Revis. He recorded a time but the piston in the JAP then exploded wrecking the engine and causing another stoppage.

All the rest of the field eventually posted a time except Stuart in the IOTA P1. The front-runners were Mark Riley, who was very much in the groove, hotly pursued by Alistair Dent and Steve Lawrence.

Before the second runs, all the 500 drivers were called to a meeting with the Stewards because of the length of time our class had taken to run. We were asked to sharpen our presentation to the paddock marshals and the organisers would improve their procedures in bringing us down for the start, Alan H being called to the line three times before given a green!

And so to the final runs, where the leading three all improved their times and showed just how competitive the cars can be. Sadly the mice had got at the machinery so only seven were able to set off for the summit, but I am sure things will be better next time.

On a lighter note, Patrick had some super cinnamon cakes for all to enjoy.

Alistair Dent takes second. Photo Mike Wood.

Pos Name Car Run 1 Run 2 Best

No Runs: Ted Sharpe - RGR, Ian Patton - Cooper Mk IV-JAP

Report by Mike Wood

     My Dog's got no nose............. Photo Richard Bishop-Miller

1 Mark Riley Creamer Kieft-JAP 52.60 52.31 52.31
2 Alistair Dent Hornet-JAP 54.37 53.68 53.68
3 Steve Lawrence Cooper Mk VIII-JAP 54.97 54.14 54.14
4 John Dent Cooper Mk VI-JAP 56.80 57.10 56.80
5 Patrick Riley Smith Mk III-JAP 59.30 58.46 58.46
6 Alan Hartfield Cooper Mk V-JAP 61.55 59.62 59.62
7 Mike Lawrence Cooper Mk X-JAP 62.34 65.19 62.34
8 Richard Bishop-Miller Revis-JAP 65.14   65.14
9 Mike Wood Iota-JAP 73.63   73.63
10 David Bishop-Miller Cooper Mk II-JAP 76.63   73.63
11 Tim Ross Cooper Mk IV-JAP 90.85   90.85
12 Stuart Barnes Iota-JAP Fail    

 David Bishop-Miller prepares to meet his post....... Photo Mike Wood

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