Grand Prix Silverstone 2nd October 1948

A grid of over 30 cars was nothing less than incredible, coming so soon after the end of the war. The race, over thirteen laps (50 miles), was won by Spike Rhiando with John Cooper in second and Sir Francis Samuelson, third. The first four cars home were all production Cooper Mk IIs, a spectacular advertisement for the fledgling company in front of a huge crowd. Despite the prestigious occasion, running two hours before the Grand Prix and the first ever competitive race at Silverstone, the start was something of a shambles. When BRDC President Lord Howe dropped the flag only two of the thirty four drivers were ready and Eric Brandon was not even seated in his car! Stirling Moss took the lead but his car lost its chain near the end to gift the race to Rhiando. The Grand Prix was won by Luigi Villoresi from Alberto Ascari, both in Maseratis, with Bob Gerard, third in his ERA.

An extract from the programme (price 1 shilling)

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