Loton Park 24/25th June 2006

Round 4 of the Hillclimb Championship took place at a warm and sunny Loton Park with the VSCC for their most enjoyable 2 day meeting.
Practice on Saturday was hot and humid but the first runs produced no surprises with regulars Alistair and John Dent setting the pace ahead of James Holland with father and son team David and Thomas Docherty bringing up the rear. On his second run John Dent spun at the tricky Fallow corner which prevented any change in the order while Thomas was having his first run in the family Cooper Mk IX for ten years and the gearbox broke in protest so the spare had to be fitted for the next day's competition.

After a short spell of rain on Sunday morning the course dried in time for the 500s. Alistair Dent in the Hornet was first to go up and set a very respectable time of 67.43 secs. Father John with his newly refurbished Cooper Mk VI recorded 68.96 secs and James Holland was a further second behind with 69.80 secs. Thomas Docherty elected not to run and father David set 77.54 seconds.
For the second runs the course was in more or less perfect condition and Alistair Dent shaved a second of his time to stop the clock at 66.22 secs for a clear win in the 500s and second overall by a mere hundredth of a second to David White's Cooper Bristol. John Dent failed to record a time on his second run so couldn't improve on his second place while James Holland got down to 69.59 seconds to retain third. David Docherty also failed to record a time on his second run.

Results Our thanks to the VSCC

Report by James Holland.

1 Alistair Dent Hornet 66.22
2 John Dent Cooper Mk VI 68.96
3 James Holland Cooper Mk VIII 69.59
4 David Docherty Cooper Mk IX 77.54
5 Thomas Docherty Cooper Mk IX NTR