Shelsley Walsh Results 190714

Shelsley Walsh 19th & 20th July 2014

Morning revealed yet more rain after the overnight storm. The hill was running water in quite a few places so the grip levels were going to be low. In total there were 12 cars and Mike Wood was to share the Iota, making 13 drivers in total. This would be Richard Waller’s first outing in a 500 and first event at Shelsley – what a baptism! As it turned out, Mike Lawrence decided to withdraw, not fancying the conditions.

There was no rush to get early experience on the hill from anyone across all the classes. However, times were eventually set and everyone hoped conditions would improve for the afternoon.

Timed runs
After a brief pause in the rain over lunch, it continued again during the first run, although rather more gently, meaning times were relatively slow. The biggest problem was getting off the line cleanly but once under way it was not too bad. Everyone but Stuart, whose clutch was giving problems, made it to the top, most without too much drama. The Kieft was also experiencing clutch problems much to Chas’ disappointment.

By the time of the second run there was some blue sky and things were drying well. Engines were performing a little better and times consequently fell. The view from the top of the hill was very beautiful now we could see more than low cloud and rain! Mark with Squanderbug had been thoroughly enjoying the different handling and power delivery characteristics of his new mount for this year.

The day thus drew to a close in the dry with everyone relieved to have had at least one decent run. Those that were staying moved garages and did a few checks on the cars in preparation for the Sunday whilst keeping fingers well and truly crossed for a fine dry event.


Pos Name Car Run 1 Run 2 Best

Words and pics by Mike Wood

1 John Dent Cooper Mk VIII-JAP 45.32 43.64 43.64
2 Alistair Dent Cooper Mk VI-JAP 46.00 44.23 44.23
3 Charles Reynolds Cooper Mk IX-JAP 46.88 45.53 45.53
4 Jan Nycz Staride-Norton 50.52 45.59 45.59
5 Finlay Mackintosh Cooper Mk V-JAP 46.81 45.60 45.60
6 Dennis Williams Cooper Mk V-JAP 50.84 46.59 46.59
7 Mike Wood CBP-JAP 53.51 47.40 47.40
8 Steve Lawrence Cooper Mk VIII-JAP 59.50   59.50
9 Chas Reynolds Kieft-JAP 68.40 65.90 68.40
10 Mark Riley Squanderbug-Rudge 51.87 50.03 50.03
11 Richard Waller CBP-JAP 52.70 52.47 52.47
12 Stuart Barnes Iota-JAP   60.02 60.02


The morning showed itself to be dry and the forecast was favourable which was a huge relief. The hill was dry over virtually the full length and even through the esses it would soon be so, making for good grip levels. The one problem was a huge amount of dust put down over the full width and for 10 or more yards just before bottom esse. This had been used on a serious spill. There were seven drivers from Saturday joined by regulars Tim and Ted as well as Robin Baxter in his Staride, a car that has undergone a huge amount of work and not been seen for many years.

Times were immediately quicker and once the potential for low grip entering the esses was assessed, they fell further. Dennis found the clutch was not behaving quite right and made some adjustments. Robin was finding the engine tended to fluff a bit after a period of full throttle and full starvation was diagnosed, otherwise the car went well. The solution was to ensure the gravity tank was always completely full to give the maximum head possible.

In contrast to Saturday, there were many hundreds of spectators walking around the paddock, no doubt in part because of the presence of Stirling Moss. This meant taking the cars to the top of the lane for starting purposes was a little more difficult. Over lunch there was also a fantastic aerobatic display by a Pitts Special, which enthralled everyone.

Timed runs
Times continued to fall for most as we enjoyed the warm and sunny conditions. Dennis had to change his clutch plates after the first run and was immediately back on the pace for the second run. Robin’s fuel delivery tweeks paid off and he made the greatest gains as he got more used to the car.

On the final run nearly everyone improved again with all except Tim making it to the top with a grin. This time it was the turn of his clutch to cry ‘enough’ causing him to stop just after Crossing. Alistair managed to find just that little bit extra to break the 40 second mark but was pushed all the way by Jan and John a few tenths back.

What difference a day makes. The cars and drivers had gone well and we were all looking forward to the next visit in four weeks time as we packed up.


Pos Name Car Run 1 Run 2 Best

Words and pics: Mike wood

1 Alistair Dent Cooper Mk VI-JAP 40.26 39.94 39.94
2 Jan Nycz Staride-Norton 40.60 40.28 40.28
3 John Dent Cooper Mk VIII-JAP 40.52 40.50 40.50
4 Mike Wood CBP-JAP 42.55 42.94 42.55
5 Dennis Williams Cooper Mk V-JAP 58.21 44.59 44.59
6 Ted Sharpe Cooper Mk IV-JAP 45.61 46.02 45.61
7 Tim Ross Cooper Mk IX-Norton 47.04 Fail 47.04
8 Mark Riley Squanderbug-Rudge 48.82 48.64 48.64
9 Robin Baxter Staride-JAP 54.91 54.07 54.07
10 Stuart Barnes Iota-JAP 56.71 56.63 56.63