Silverstone 750 MC Results 190807

Silverstone  20th August 2007

Round six of the circuit championship saw us at Silverstone as guests of the 750 Motor Club. Once again, the clouds were heavy but the rain was, thankfully, only light. Fifteen 500s joined an equal number of 750 Trophy cars for a full grid and qualifying was, inevitably, a crowded affair with most struggling to get a clear lap. Some light drizzle just prior to the session make things slippery for the first few laps and the fastest times were all posted at the end of qualifying. Mile Fowler, once again in Nigel Ashman's Cooper Mk XI, took class pole (4th Overall), closely followed by Brian Joliffe (Mk IX), Nigel Ashman (Mk VI) and Neil Hodges (Mk VIII). Simon Frost, making another guest appearance, was in fifth (9th overall) with Roy Hunt's Martin less than .3 of a second behind. For most, post session fettling was routine but Mike Fowler needed to replace (another) cracked brake pipe and Darrel Woods had seized the JAP in his Creamer Kieft and would not take the start.

Nigel Challis, Paul Hewes and Roy Wright (photo Gary Walton).

Come race time, it was still cloudy and cold but no significant precipitation had occurred so we were set for an almost dry race. The start was somewhat chaotic, partly due to the long wait on the grid but also due to some confusion over the procedure. The smart drivers (or at least those lucky enough to be near the front of the grid) took their mark from the boards and lights and ignored all previous instructions but Mark Palmer and Mike Bell were left on the grid with clutch maladies. Brian Joliffe managed to hit his kill switch, and with the marshals refusing to give him a shove as soon as the grid was clear (somewhat bizarrely they pushed him 50 yards to a “penalty box” in pit lane, before restarting him) he would be nearly three laps down before finally getting on his way. Mike Fowler got away well from pole and was in among the leading Trophy cars as they came through Copse for the first time. Neil Hodges also got away well and took Nigel Ashman for a comfortable second. Thereafter Mike was able to steadily pull away from Neil with a very controlled drive, the gap varied as the two "played" with the Trophy boys but Neil was never able to get within striking distance and would eventually back off and settle for second.

Next came the real battle of the race, Simon Frost had also made a good start and was up to third at the end of the first lap with Roy trailing by 3 seconds but the Martin was going well and Roy knuckled down to take the place on lap 3. Initially falling away by a second or so, Simon regrouped, and by lap 6 was ahead once again, only to be re-passed on lap 9. To add to the mix, Paul Mason’s lurid pink Hague got in on the action, sniping for any opportunity that presented itself. For each of the remaining laps the three cars would barrel down the back straight into Brooklands with someone making a lunge for the apex. The loser in this battle would inevitably get baulked through Luffield and as they headed to Woodcote and the line would be two or three abreast as the different characteristics of the three cars resolved the situation on the run to Copse in readiness for another permutation next time around.

Mike Fowler in Nigel Ashman's Mk XI

The Dastle of Roy Wright

Further back, Nigel Ashman seemed out of sorts after an impressive qualifying, never able to get on terms with Roy and Simon, and would come in a quiet fifth in class. Next was James Holland making good progress, and surprisingly having his first 500 outing at the circuit. James had two surprises in the final laps, first as a hard charging Brian Joliffe raced up to him (James of course not knowing that Brian was several laps off), then having his exhaust make a bid for freedom as he crossed the line.

Paul Hewes had a good run, fending off Nigel Challis for seventh, who in turn was perhaps surprised by an excellent run by Roy Wright, the Dastle missing out by just half a second. Shirley Monro also looked very racy, running an interim engine from Bill Needham, but was a bit short-geared and running out of puff on the long straights. Mike Gilbert followed thirteen seconds further back, just nipping Simon Windley in the sole Formula Vee, whilst Brian Joliffe completed the finishers in 21st place overall. Starting problems aside, the only non-finisher was Hakan Sandberg, who disappeared on the third lap when a drive sprocket came adrift on the JBS.

Shirley looking committed.

Classified Finishers

Pos Name Car Time Laps Best


Fastest Lap: Mike Fowler 2:22.261

DNF: Hakan Sandberg, Mark Palmer, Mike Bell

Our thanks to the 750 Motor Club and to Gary Watson for the photos.

Roy Hunt still leads the points table but will be dropping scores from now on and will need wins or second places to improve his tally. Mike has leapfrogged up the board to second thanks to his second win of the season with Neil Hodges only a point behind and Martin Sheppard a further point back. With three races still to go, any of the top five could still take the championship.

 Championship Standings

1 Mike Fowler Cooper Mk XI 16:23 12 1:19.58
2 Neil Hodges Cooper Mk VIII 16:32 12 1:21.10
3 Roy Hunt Martin 16:44 12 1:21.49
4 Simon Frost Cooper Mk V 16:44 12 1:21.82
5 Nigel Ashman Cooper Mk VI 15:37 11 1:23.15
6 James Holland Cooper Mk VIII 16:03 11 1:25.31
7 Paul Hewes Cooper Mk VIII 16:11 11 1:24.82
8 Nigel Challis Cooper Mk VIII 16:12 11 1:26.13
9 Roy Wright Dastle 16:12 11 1:25.53
10 Shirley Monro Cooper Mk IV 16:29 11 1:27.07
11 Mike Gilbert Cooper Mk IX 16:44 11 1:27.81
12 Brian Joliffe Cooper Mk IX 16:01 9 1:21.51

Brian Joliffe holds off Nigel Challis.

Paul Hewes in profile.

Roy Hunt, on track (below) and with Mike Fowler (left).