Snetterton HSCC Results 300509

Snetterton Jim Russell Trophy 30th May 2009

A spell of settled weather provided another glorious day for our second visit to Snetterton and a perfect day for multiple Formula 3 Champion, Jim Russell to attend the prize giving. It also resulted in some spectacular times with several cars lapping in the 1:33s. Sadly absentees included Neil Hodges (away on business) and John Turner (indisposed and to whom all send best wishes); on the plus side we welcomed eight week old Laura Fowler. Is this an early statement of intent?

Qualifying was headed by a close knit trio of Nigel Ashman, Gordon Russell and Dave Lecoq all in the 1:35s with the returning Mike Fowler using the full number of laps to set a 1:36.16 and Richard Ellingworth (in spite of gear selection problems) and Steve Jones close behind. There was a touch of déjà vu when Roy Hunt spun on Russell’s but without incident to take seventh with Nigel Challis in eighth. Paul Hewes was still plagued by the misfire which they thought they had fixed after Mallory and Hakan Sandberg’s JBS was sounding a bit unhealthy, but all appeared for assembly.


Poor Hakan was left with a sick engine in his JBS and Mike Bell had the bad luck to break his primary chain but the remaining 15 moved off to an orderly rolling start from which the front three kept their position led by Nigel Ashman. They were shortly to be joined by Steve Jones and these four were to control the race ahead of a consistent Mike Fowler in his Mk V with Nigel Challis waiting for the mistake that didn’t come. Roy Hunt strove to overcome a first lap off and made his way past a stirring battle between Messrs Delves, Utley, Palmer and Whiteside, of whom the latter retired with one lap to go. There was excitement up front as, on lap seven Steve Jones posted quickest lap and got through to second but next time round was back to 4th which became 3rd when Dave Lecoq retired. On the penultimate lap Nigel disappeared leaving Gordon and Steve level pegging which seems so to have confused the race officials such that they forgot to wave the chequered flag and there was still confusion at the podium when Jim Russell’s mechanic Mervyn presented the trophy! Meanwhile a crestfallen Nigel was out on the circuit with a dry tank, possibly the result of the very quick track. The result was unscrambled and the race awarded to Gordon with Steve the closest of close seconds and Mike Fowler third. Nigel's DNF proved costly as Gordon has moved past him in the Championship with Nigel Challis in third courtesy of three consistent performances. Roy Hunt leads the pre-'54 Class in spite of his eventful day but now has some competition with Mike Fowler's return.


Close action through the Esses

A paddock lunch followed by the Autosport 3 hour race and a pleasant drive through quiet leafy country lanes took us to Paul Hewes’ magnificent home. Poor Paul had had a wretched day but he and Jenny once again treated us and the Juniors who were racing the next day to a splendid supper and tipple. Highlight of the writer’s evening was Jim Russell’s uncontrolled mirth when one of our more substantial members replied that yes, he does drive a 500!

Classified Finishers

Pos Name Car Class Time Laps Best

Fastest Lap: Steve Jones - Cooper Mk X - 1:33.141

DNF: Nigel Ashman - Cooper Mk XI, David Whiteside - Cooper Mk VII, David Lecoq - Petty, Hakan Sandberg - JBS, Paul Hewes - Cooper Mk VIII, Richard Ellingworth - Martin, Mike Bell - Cooper Mk X

Report by John Furlong

Photos Kerry Anderson

Our thanks to Paul and Jenny and to the HSCC.

Championship Standings

1 Gordon Russell Cooper Mk VIII C 20:41 13 1:33.818
2 Steve Jones Cooper Mk X C 20:42 13 1:33.141
3 Mike Fowler Cooper Mk V B 31:33 13 1:38.158
4 Nigel Challis Cooper Mk VIII C 21:33 13 1:38.059
5 Roy Hunt Martin B 22:15 13 1:37.009
6 Mike Gilbert Cooper Mk IX C 22:15 13 1:41.288
7 Martin Sheppard Cooper Mk XII C 22:17 13 1:39.962
8 Rodney Delves Kieft CK52 B 21:02 12 1:42.938
9 Richard Utley JBS B 21:02 12 1:43.093
10 Mark Palmer Wishart Mk II C 21:05 12 1:43.702

Rodney Delves in the Kieft

Gordon Russell, Dave Lecoq and Steve Jones

Challis looks relaxed on his way to fourth