Loton Park 25th & 26th July 2015


Sunshine greeted the seven 500 entrants on Saturday, followed by a wet and miserable Sunday for the 4 who stayed to contest both one-day events.

It was good to see local man Steve Powellís Mk V-BSA out again, now painted orange, although both his practices proved troublesome when the Mk.1 Amal carb bowl vibrated itself from the body. Not once, but twice! On their second practice runs, Steve Lawrence managed a complete spin under braking hard at the top of the straight and Alistair Dentís Hornet broke its gearbox. Nick Reynolds was making his first visit to the Shropshire hill and his Mk IX consumed a complete tank of fuel after waiting for red flags, so completed one practice run.

Afternoon runs were headed by the consistent Fin Mackintosh followed by Steve Lawrence. Absent however was Nick who discovered a cracked brake bleed banjo on start up. Continuing gear selection problems reduced Alistair Dent to a single run whilst John Dent came home fourth. A long wait then ensued before the cars were sent back to the paddock following an expensive off at Museum by one of the Ferrari Challenge cars.

Rumours that Steve is sponsored by a certain fizzy drink are denied

Most went quicker on their second runs with Nick running in an earlier batch than the 500s after fatherís donation of a replacement banjo from his V-twin. This enabled a 10 min swap back of the banjo and a brake bleed for the V-twin to run as the last car in the final batch of the day and for Nick to at least post a time on his second ever run up the hill. Meanwhile, Fin improved his T1 time by 0.8 sec and Steve Lawrence by 0.9 sec and the Hornetís engine failed to give any spark after battery failure.


Pos Name Car Run 1 Run 2 Best


Points Table

A full report will be in the"500"

1 Finlay MacKintosh Cooper VI-JAP 65.84 65.03 65.03
2 Nick Reynolds Cooper Mk IX-JAP Fail 65.32 65.32
3 Steve Lawrence Cooper Mk IX-JAP 67.89 66.99 66.99
4 John Dent Cooper Mk VIII-JAP 68.60 68.56 68.56
5 Xavier Kingsland Cooper Mk V-JAP 71.32 71.76 71.32
6 Alistair Dent Cooper Mk VI-JAP 81.48 Fail 81.48
7 Steve Powell Cooper Mk V-JAP 92.71 88.22 88.22

Fin concentrates on the apex


With poor weather forecast, cars were well covered overnight before the rain eventually arrived at 08.00. The Hornet continued to be problematic in practice so, with wet times some 14 seconds down on those of Saturday, the Dents cut their losses and loaded up after one practice run to head home to Wales leaving Welsh neighbour Fin and Xavier to uphold 500 honours in the soaking conditions.

In the tricky weather, Xavier lost clutch control at the start of the first timed run. Otherwise both cars completed their runs without problem, at the top of the hill sheltering under the umbrellas thoughtfully provided by the ever helpful H & DCC. As a footnote, full marks must go to the marshals and medical staff for their hard work and perseverance against the incessant rain.


Pos Name Car Run 1 Run 2 Best



1 Finlay MacKintosh Cooper VI-JAP 80.13 79.92 79.92
2 Xavier Kingsland Cooper Mk V-JAP Fail 89.98 89.98


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