Wiscombe Park 9th May 2015

Well here we go again with the traditional season opener, it was just a shame that for the third year in a row there was rain at the start of the day, although not as bad as 2014.

Entries were down a little this year with only 10 in the pre 54 class, 7 in the post 54 group and 4 drivers of V-twins. As usual there were some fresh cars, Ted Sharpe with a newly resurrected Kieft and Richard Grant with the Kiehn Special that he had brought over from Sweden. Both are JAP powered.

Richard Grant, Kiehn Special

Practice 1
The hill was generally wet and slippery, especially through the trees, so a degree of caution was the order of the day. Ted got caught out by the swing axle characteristics and the very forward driving position, looping the car onto the grass at Wis, otherwise everyone made it to the line. Mike Wood's engine refused to run properly, diagnosed as terminal magneto, so his day never got started.

Practice 2
The surface was still not dry and so times were very little different but at least the sky was brightening so the afternoon was looking promising.

Timed run 1
Conditions were now good and this showed with a significant dip in times. Unfortunately we were now down to 14 runners as a drive shaft on the Alfa Dana had failed and the Kieft had a few niggles Ted was unable to put right. Class of the field was Nick Reynolds with a time a fraction over 49 seconds.
In the V-twins Charles also popped in a sub 50 second time.

Timed run 2
Warming to the task in hand along with the temperature, nearly everyone was able to better their first run time on this climb. Nick held sway getting into the 48's and Fin was the only other pilot able to squeeze below 50 seconds.

Mike considers the apex

The competition between the twins also hotted up, Richard managing to find almost a second and a half to beat Charles whilst Bella Murray came within one hundredth of equalling Guy's time.
As in previous years, Martin Sheppard did a grand job marshalling the cars towards the start. Xavier also got plenty of exercise combining duties at Bunnies with his runs whilst Darrell Woods and Stuart Wright hung on to the cars at the start line, thank you one and all.

Results Pre 54

Pos Name Car Run 1 Run 2 Best

N/T: Ted Sharpe - Kieft-JAP, Mike Wood - CBP2-JAP


Words & Pics Mike Wood

1 Finlay MacKintosh Cooper VI-JAP 50.36 49.76 49.76
2 Alistair Dent Cooper-JAP 52.05 50.52 50.52
3 Jan Nycz Staride-Norton 53.42 51.47 51.47
4 Mark Riley GSI-Rudge 57.46 57.51 57.46
5 Colin Rogers Emeryson-JAP 59.52 58.69 58.69
6 Tony Claringbould JP-JAP 60.99 59.42 59.42
7 Dennis Williams Arnott-JAP 60.43 59.49 59.49
8 Robin Baxter Staride-JAP 66.47 62.68 62.68

Mark Riley at the lights

Results Post 54

Pos Name Car Run 1 Run 2 Best

N/T: John Forsyth - Alfa Dana-JAP

Points Table

1 Nick Reynolds Cooper Mk IX-JAP 49.11 48.41 48.41
2 Simon Frost Martin-Norton 51.21 50.87 50.87
3 John Dent Cooper Mk VIII-JAP 53.49 53.39 53.39
4 Angus Frost Martin-Norton 55.18 53.70 53.70
5 Richard Grant Kiehn Special-JAP 56.38 54.44 54.44
6 Tim Ross Cooper Mk IX-Norton 62.70 62.00 62.00

Al Dent at the bridge

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