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Ron Messenger acquired a Marwyn as the basis of his special. It was probably the prototype car with Cooper wheels to lower the centre of gravity, and thereby improve the stability, with a JAP replacing the Triumph. Its first recorded appearance was at Silverstone in October 1948 where he failed to finish the Grand Prix support race with more disappointment at Brough in April '49. At the same venue in October, he managed a fifth place in his heat of the scratch race and at Weston on the 8th he was twenty-second and last.

At Royal Silverstone in 1950, the Messenger finished twenty-third in the final then its zenith, a fine fifth in the 100 mile Commander Yorke Trophy. After this, he appears to have given up on the car and purchased a production PI Iota JAP. It probably passed to Chris Summers and, with Morgan style front suspension, continued as the Kumbang Special.

We believe this is the Messenger at Silverstone in July 1950 for the Commander Yorke meeting. Photo courtesy of John Pearson.

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