Roy Clarkson

Roy Clarkson was born in 1906 and brought up in Falkirk, he trained and worked as a dentist in Scotland until the war when he moved to Halstead in Essex. Roy hill climbed motorcycles and became member number one at the official formation of the 500 Club and then acquired an Iota chassis to which he fitted a JAP engine and an interesting suspension system as described by John Bolster, below. He won the 750cc Class at Bo'ness in September 1947 and  took second in June '48 behind Stan Coldham. The car passed to the Breese brothers and renamed Zephyr for 1949.

The Iota caption read "Roy Clarkson casting an envious eye over the Strang Motor"


Front cover of Iota for Roy

Roy was also a founder member of East Anglian Motor Club in 1950 and helped Gregor Grant set up "Autosport" magazine. He had a wide range of  cars including a competition Ferrari and a Morgan.

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