Tony Fergusson

Tony Fergusson was born in 1921, educated in England before returning Johannesburg, South Africa. Tony's half brother Chris "Ginger" Fergusson was one of the first in South Africa to acquire a Cooper Mk IV. After injuring himself, he loaned the car to Tony. During his brief 500 foray to Europe, Tony finished third in his heat at Brands Hatch on the 29th May 1955, fourth in his heat at Crystal Palace on the 30th and third at Silverstone on the 25th June. He failed to finish at Oulton Park in July then third to Tyrrell and Russell in his heat of the Sporting Record Trophy on the 10th. At Aintree for the Grand Prix, Fergusson took a fine third ahead of Leston, Allison and Parker, followed by a fourth and a fifth at Brands on the 1st August. A trip to the North brought a brace of  second places at Charterhall on the 6th to end a very respectable season for a chap taking on a new circuit each tine and some of the finest drivers of the 500cc Formula 3.

Tony Fergusson in the 1954 Queenshaven Settlers Handicap Trophy at Grand Central near Johannesburg. He retired on the 2nd lap with a broken axle. Photo courtesy of Rob Young.

Salisbury Rhodesia 15th April 1956. Tony is Cooper number 26, next to John Love in 24. Number 22 is Peter Davies from Kenya, 20 is Les Mitchell and  27 is Norman Lunderstedt in the Lundy Special (a 998 cc car). Photo courtesy of Rob Young.

Our thanks to Rob Young for this article.

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