Peter Procter

Peter Procter was born in January 1930 in Bradford, Yorkshire, his first passion was competitive cycling winning the British Hills championship in 1951. He became disillusioned after the British Olympic Committee failed to select him for the Olympics and quit to focus on his building company. Peter made his care race debut in 1955 with an Aston Martin then with a new Cooper Mk X from 1956 through to 1960, achieving a number of wins and placings including FTD at Barbon Hill in May '57, followed by wins at Charterhall in June, Mallory Park in September and in 1958 and wins at Mallory Park in April and May.

Peter's racing career was varied, he progressed to Formula 2 and Le Mans in 1961 and '64. He rallied successfully for Roots and Ford competing in the Monte Carlo Rally eight times. Peter retired from racing in 1968, prompted by a bad accident in which he suffered severe burns, he subsequently helped Les Leston with marketing flame resistant materials.

Peter with Jimmy Blumer, Le Mans 1964

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