Wiscombe Results 080504

Wiscombe Park  8th May 2004

A healthy number of historic 500s gathered at an seasonably chilly Wiscombe for the 500 Owners Association’s hillclimb. Fortunately the rain held off so competitors were able to try a bit harder this year. It was especially nice to see two Keift Mk Is of Ken Edwards and Demot Johnson in view of the sad loss of Cyril Kieft recently.

The class for Pre 1954 cars was by far the greater and consequently more competitive. It was wonderful to see the pair of Irish owned Mk1 Kiefts making their first appearance for many years. Sadly teething troubles prevented them making runs after practice and Colin Rawlinson’s Smith Buckler had to retire with magneto failure. Jon Brough won the class with a rapid 48.44 second climb ahead of Alistair Dent, John Dent and an ever improving John Polson.

The Post 1954 class was sadly depleted by non starters leaving the way clear for James Holland to take the class win ahead of Mike Lawrence and newcomer Nigel Challis with the ex Paul Schroder Cooper- Norton. After a bumper entry last year only 2 V Twins appeared this year and sadly the Cooper-Harley Mk V shared by Guy and Bella Murray broke its gearlever in practice preventing it taking any further part. That left the class win to Dr. Roger Willoughby and the fearsome ex Dickie Henderson blown Cooper Mk V.

Classified Results Pre '54

Pos Name Car Time
1 Jon Brough Cooper Mk V JAP 48.44
2 Altistair Dent Hornet JAP 50.74
3 John Dent Cooper Mk VI JAP 51.12
4 John Polson Staride Mk III JAP 53.20
5 Mike Fowler Cooper Mk V Norton 53.81
6 Graham Murdoch FMS JAP 55.54
7 Jan Nycz Staride Mk III JAP 57.97
8 Shirley Monro Cooper Mk IV JAP 58.59
9 Gillian Jones Hornet JAP 59.15
10 John Jones J.L.R. Triumph 59.45
11 Humphrey Collis J.L.R. Triumph 60.21
Ken Edwards Kieft Mk I JAP NTR
Dermot Johnson Kieft Mk I JAP NTR
Colin Rawlinson Smith Buckler JAP NTR
Classified Results Post '54
1 James Holland Cooper Mk VIII 52.13
2 Mike Lawrence C.B.S. JAP 54.36
3 Nigel Challis Cooper Mk VIII 57.24
Classified Results V Twins
1 Roger Willoughby Cooper Mk V JAP 49.53
500 Owners Association Championship Standings

The Kieft Mk I of Ken Edwards

Kieft Mk1 at Wiscombe 2004.jpg (54264 bytes)

Results commentary and photos courtesy of James Holland.


and Dermot Johnson's example

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