Wiscombe Results 100514

Wiscombe Park 10th May 2014

Wiscombe really is a beautiful setting, even when the rain is falling and the wind blowing, for these were the conditions with which we had to contend. Not that it rained all day, just, it seemed, when all but the double drivers were about to take a run!

This was the first of our hill climb meetings this year and because it is the Club’s own, it attracts many from the circuit fraternity as well as the hill stalwarts. It also brings out cars that have been dormant or unseen, and this year was no exception. Oldest of the bunch was Squanderbug, probably the oldest 500 still around, Mark Riley’s latest acquisition. This car had not really been active since in the hands of Murray Maclean. It is unusual in being powered by a Rudge engine but this did not seem to be a handicap. Next up was an Emeryson in the hands of Colin Rogers, and finally the Australian built Waye piloted by new member Doug Yates. Ted Sharpe was now driving a Norton powered Mk IX Cooper, as repairs were still being carried out on the RGR. The meeting also brings together a good group of V-twins, which included Tom Willoughby in a fearsome supercharged Cooper, thus making three classes.

Reluctantly the organisers decided that there would only be a single practice run because of the conditions and weather forecast for later in the day. Whilst disappointing, it was the right decision and it was not long before the mud from the grassy paddock began to make the slope down to the start slippery, but everyone seemed to cope. Mechanically there were not too many issues and it was fingers crossed for the timed runs.

My Waye's got a Cooper's nose.... How does it smell?

Timed run 1
The weather did not improve but double drivers Richard De La Roche, Xavier Kingsland and Richard Ashford struck lucky in getting their runs in before a shower re-wet the course. Virtually everyone made it to the top but there was a much broader spread of times than usual. A few cars had some fettling to do and then it was fingers crossed the rain would stay away for run 2.

Timed run 2
Again the weather gods smiled on the double drivers but then released another shower before the rest of us got a chance on a drying hill. Most of us made it to the top, but there were a few casualties.

This brought the competition element of the day to a close but because there was still time available, the organisers offered a fun run to anyone interested, an offer that was taken up by 11 of our number.

After hours
Back at the AGM there was good enthusiasm for a BBQ to keep the festivities going. This was duly organised by Xavier and was well supported. It was a shame about the weather getting colder so we were all wrapped up as well as possible. The food, however, was very good indeed but numbers soon thinned after eating.

The VSCC meeting on the following day was much better from a weather point of view so a reduced group of 8 cars had by far the better conditions and managed to post some more acceptable times, albeit slower than in past years.

Results Pre 54

Pos Name Car Run 1 Run 2 Best

Words Mike Wood

1 Richard De La Roche Cooper Mk V-JAP 54.61 55.99 54.61
2 Xavier Kingsland Staride 58.45 59.35 58.45
3 Finlay MacKintosh Cooper VI-JAP 61.35 60.30 60.30
4 David Kingsland Staride-Norton 64.66 61.25 61.25
5 Peter De La Roche Cooper Mk V-JAP 63.98 61.68 61.68
6 Alistair Dent Cooper-JAP 61.86 63.00 61.86
7 Mark Riley GSI 66.38 63.06 63.06
8 Mike Wood CBP-Iota-JAP N/T 63.53 63.53
9 Darrell Woods Staride-Norton 67.34 65.68 65.68
10 Dennis Williams Arnott-JAP 69.34 67.43 67.43
11 Doug Yates Waye-JAP N/T 68.77 68.77
12 Colin Rogers Emeryson N/T 71.62 71.62
13 Shirley Monro Cooper Mk IV 72.30 N/T 72.30
14 Tony Hodson Cooper 73.60 N/T 73.60

Results Post 54

Pos Name Car Run 1 Run 2 Best

N/T Nigel Challis - Cooper Mk VIII-Norton

Pics Mike Wood

1 Andrew Turner Cooper Mk IX-JAP 55.68 57.89 55.68
2 Nick Reynolds Cooper Mk IX-JAP 58.09 56.15 56.15
3 John Dent Cooper Mk VIII-JAP 66.59 59.58 59.58
4 JB Jones Cooper Mk IX-Triumph 63.04 60.23 60.23
5 Ted Sharpe Cooper Mk IX 63.97 61.72 61.72
6 John Forsyth Alfa-Dana-JAP 74.55 61.73 61.73
7 Ian Phillips Cooper Mk X-Norton 68.73 62.52 62.52
8 Mark Palmer Wishart-Norton 73.75 66.69 66.69
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