Wiscombe Results 110513

Wiscombe Park 11th May 2013

There was an excellent entry of 24 historic F3 500 cc racing cars for the 500 Owners Association hill climb at the picturesque Wiscombe Park. The conditions were not ideal, with frequent showers of rain making the surface of the course damp and slippery; even the cold wind blowing along the valley did not dry the road between 'The Gate' and 'Martini' so it was an exciting drive at times! However, all the drivers were looking forward to the first hill climb of the season and were typically cheerful all day.

There were problems with some cars though: Tony Hodson had worked hard preparing his 1948 Cooper and getting it to the event only to have the engine make expensive noises on first start-up on the top paddock so not even making it to scrutineering - what a great shame! Like others, I was looking forward to seeing the Emeryson, but either I missed it or Colin Rogers did not get to the event - another great shame! Darrell Woods was sharing his beautiful red Staride with George Shackleton but after a couple of promising practice runs they had to retire the car because of pulled threads in the engine.

Nick Reynolds

We were most pleased to welcome a few new drivers. Finlay MacKintosh, a Scottish man from Wales (yes, really!) told me it was only his second 500 event and then proceeded to post a time to give him second place in the pre 1954 class; definitely a man to watch! Chas Reynolds (yes, we have two with same name but our new man is helping all of us by agreeing to this shortened Christian name) brought his Kieft out of hibernation but it experienced some 'teething' troubles. Our sport does need new young drivers and it was good to see David Kingsland sharing the well prepared Staride with his father.

First practice runs took place in 'greasy' conditions and all drivers were being cautious. The surface was better for second practice and nearly everyone improved their times. With practice completed on time it was lunchtime and a welcome break for the officials, workers, and marshals, but there was no break for Mike Woods and Darrell Woods (not related) as they worked away fitting a Dellorto carburettor to the Iota; this seemed to improve the performance quite a lot (or is it Mike's driving?).

As the lovely little Alfa Dana passed by in the paddock I noticed a 'squeak' being emitted; father and son John and Andrew Forsyth are certainly making the Alfa Dana go fast, or is it being assisted by mice? John and Alistair Dent were improving the hill climbers image by sporting smart new race suits. It was so good to see Patrick Riley spectating at the top paddock; we all wish you well Patrick and look forward to your return into the seat of your Smith as soon as possible.

The competitive runs during the afternoon went well for most drivers and I know that you are all waiting to read 'The Results' so I must stop 'chattering on'. Our thanks go to all of the officials, organisers, marshals and helpers, who did such a splendid job to make this event so safe and enjoyable. By the way, did you know that the setting-up team on Friday work very hard; they even sweep the road surface for us.

Mr May poses in the latest range of high visibility waistcoats but carries it off by adding a classic hat at a jaunty angle to get the "look"......

Results Pre 54

Pos Name Car Run 1 Run 2 Best

NT: Colin Rogers - Emeryson-JAP, Tony Hodson - Cooper Mk II-JAP, Darrell Woods - Staride-JAP, George Shackleton - Staride-JAP


Just one more 'snippet'. When unloading the race car at home a neighbour asked "How did you get on?" I replied that I had a misfire, to which he replied "You can get medication for that!".


Report by Alan Hartfield

Pics; Robin Shackleton, Mike Wood

1 Mike Fowler Cooper Mk V-Norton 50.47 51.88 50.47
2 Finlay MacKintosh Cooper VI-JAP 57.32 56.24 56.24
3 Alistair Dent Hornet-JAP 56.88 56.88 56.88
4 Xavier Kingsland Staride-Norton 59.05 57.01 57.01
5 Mike Wood CBP-Iota-JAP 57.55 63.65 57.55
6 Ted Sharpe RGR-JAP 59.61 58.95 58.95
7 Alan Hartfield Cooper Mk V-JAP 59.61 73.23 59.61
8 Dennis Williams Arnott-JAP 61.52 64.77 61.52
9 Tony Claringbould JP-JAP   62.48 62.48
10 David Kingsland Staride-Norton 66.51 65.22 65.22
11 Charles Reynolds Kieft-JAP   69.73 69.73
12 Tim Ross Cooper Mk III-JAP 72.21 74.24 72.21

Mike Wood in the CBP-Iota

Results Post 54

Pos Name Car Run 1 Run 2 Best

1 Andrew Forsyth Alfa-Dana-JAP 52.88 52.10 52.10
2 Nick Reynolds Cooper Mk IX-JAP 54.44 52.29 52.29
3 John Forsyth Alfa-Dana-JAP 53.82 57.00 53.82
4 Simon Frost Wishart-Norton 54.07 56.91 54.07
5 JB Jones Cousy-Triumph 54.47   54.47
6 Charles Reynolds Cooper Mk IX-JAP 54.53 56.02 54.53
7 John Dent Cooper Mk VIII-JAP 60.11 59.64 59.64
8 Nigel Challis Cooper Mk VIII-Norton 59.68 62.14 59.68

Challis practices for the Wiscombe Park gurning championship seated in the Petty Norton