Zandvoort Results 300814

Zandvoort 30th & 31st August 2014

This was the third running of the event, and what a wonderful one it is too, bringing together three categories of GP car, F2, Formula Junior, Sports, GT, Group C and of course our Formula 3 cars. This historic circuit sits in the dunes just back from the seafront and swoops up and down through fast and slow curves for some 2.6 miles.

Some 26 cars made the trip, 19 from the UK, three from Sweden and one each from the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, and France. For three of the cars it was to be their first outing in a considerable time. Martin Sheppard had the newly restored Effyh Brynfan Tyddyn, Hakan Sandberg brought the RJ 500 and Patrick Morin the Jean Bernardet F3. In all there were 14 different makes, powered mainly by Norton engines, but with a sprinkling of JAPs along with a lone Triumph and beautiful BMW twin brought along at the last minute by Karl Heinz Meub.

Mike entertains the town folk

Practice, which took place towards the end of Friday afternoon, threw up problems for some and the need for adjustments by others. Nigel C’s gearbox broke and Patrick M’s engine failed before they could join the track. For four drivers that stopped out on the circuit, it was to prove a frustrating time, as due to a noise curfew there was no time to recover the cars between subsequent practices and they did not arrive back for well over an hour.

Our first race was to be the penultimate on Saturday and 24 cars and drivers were assembled ready and eager. Sadly Hakan was not amongst them and neither was John Chisholm, who had been badly shaken following a crash earlier in the day whilst driving his Lotus. Patrick M’s day got worse as the carb fell off as he left the assembly area, meaning only 23 were to make the rolling start.

The race was a cracker with George and Darrell occupying first and second from the word go, closely followed by Roy Hunt, Gordon and Richard de la Roche. Charles McCabe was reeling this group in rapidly, and by virtue of the fastest lap of the race, had joined them by the finish line. A second group of Richard B-M, Stuart, Mike and Ian were also racing hard together as were a third group of Karl-Heinz, JB and Per. In all 15 cars were to complete the full distance with Maurice the only other car to see the flag.

The evening thus saw some feverish activity to prepare the cars for our second race due off at 09.45 the following morning. Xavier, Martin and Shirley did engine changes whilst others put various other issues right, meaning 21 cars were able to start, only Simon Frost’s Martin of the quicker cars not making the grid, as the coil had failed.

Seems the ugly one has the largest breasts.......

Nothing in it as Darrell chases George

Classified Finishers Race 1

Pos Name Car Class Time Laps Best

Fastest Lap

Class P1: Peter Kumlin - Effyh-JAP

Class P2: Gordon Russell - Mackson-Norton

Class P3: Roy Hunt - Martin-Norton

JAP: Richard Bishop-Miller - Revis-JAP


DNF: Martin Sheppard - Brynfan Tyydyn-Norton, Shirley Monro - Cooper Mk IV-JAP, Simon Frost - Martin-Norton



Words: Mike Woods


Photos: Robin Shackleton & Hakan Sandberg

1 George Shackleton Cooper Mk XI-Norton INV 14:42 6 2:24.527
2 Darrell Woods Cooper Mk XII-Norton P3 14:42 6 2:24.221
3 Roy Hunt Martin-Norton P3 14:44 6 2:24.190
4 Gordon Russell Mackson-Norton P2 14:44 6 2:24.104
5 Richard de la Roche Smith Buckler-JAP P2 14:.44 6 2:24.460
6 Charles McCabe Cooper Mk XIII-Norton P3 14:45 6 2:22.976
7 Richard Bishop-Miller Revis-JAP P3 15:09 6 2:27.374
8 Stuart Wright Cooper Mk XI-JAP P3 15:09 6 2:26.745
9 Mike Fowler Cooper Mk V-Norton P2 15:09 6 2:27.579
10 Ian Phillips Cooper Mk VIII-Norton P3 15:11 6 2:28.702
11 Brian Jolliffe Cooper Mk IX-JAP INV 15:29 6 2:29.859
12 Karl-Heinz Meub Cooper Mk IV-BMW INV 16:16 6 2:40.079
13 JB Jones Cooper Mk IX-Triumph P3 16:18 6 2:36.616
14 Per Hageman Cooper Mk XII-Norton INV 16:21 6 2:37.810
15 Roy Wright Flash-Norton P3 16:45 6 2:43.726
16 Xavier Kingsland Staride-Norton P2  12:39 5 2:28.199
17 Adrian Van der Kroft Cooper Mk V-Norton P2 12:58 5 2:32.202
18 Nigel Challis Petty-Norton P3 13:05 5 2:33.101
19 Peter Kumlin Effyh-JAP INV 13:41 5 2:38.985
20 Maurice Van der Brempt Fillingham-JAP P3 17:25 5 3:17.632

Sunday dawned sunny as tens of thousands of spectators streamed in to enjoy the racing. For us, race two started with a thunderous roar of engines to the delight of the packed grandstand and was to be another close fought contest. George led again dicing with Gordon and Darrell in close formation for the first five laps. Then on the last lap George and Darrell touched, delaying the former by a few seconds and latter ending up in the gravel. All the time Brian Jolliffe had been carving through the field and this incident was all it took for him to take the lead and win by 0.8 seconds. This time 14 cars were to run the full distance with Maurice yet again the seeing the chequered flag, crowning his successful weekend of practice and two race finishes by knocking over a minute from his race one total time. It was good to see Richard Bishop-Miller back for his first races since his Silverstone crash and although drained, his face carried a huge grin at having completed two full races.

Thus the racing came to an end and it must be said that the organisers did a great job. They were extremely helpful and friendly as well as being pleased with the spectacle we put on; to the extent they would like us back again. Our cars were also greatly admired by the throngs of spectators admiring the variety and turnout of the cars.

Karl-Heinz with his old man's Cooper-BMW


Classified Finishers Race 2

Pos Name Car Class Time Laps Best

Fastest Lap

Class P1: Peter Kumlin - Effyh-JAP

Class P2: Gordon Russell - Mackson-Norton

Class P3: Brian Jolliffe - Cooper Mk IX-JAP

JAP: Brian Jolliffe - Cooper Mk IX-JAP


DNF: Darrell Woods - Cooper Mk XII-Norton, Roy Hunt - Martin-Norton, Adrian Van der Kroft - Cooper Mk V-Norton

Martin Sheppard - Brynfan Tyydyn-Norton, Shirley Monro - Cooper Mk IV-JAP



Championship Points


1 Brian Jolliffe Cooper Mk IX-JAP INV 14:36 6 2:20.855
2 George Shackleton Cooper Mk XI-Norton INV 14:37 6 2:23.623
3 Gordon Russell Mackson-Norton P2 14:37 6 2:23.702
4 Richard de la Roche Smith Buckler-JAP P2 14:43 6 2:24.576
5 Mike Fowler Cooper Mk V-Norton P2 15:12 6 2:28.385
6 Ian Phillips Cooper Mk XI-Norton P3 15:13 6 2:26.829
7 Charles McCabe Cooper Mk XIII-Norton P3 15:13 6 2:26.651
8 Xavier Kingsland Staride-Norton P2 15:16 6 2:27.958
9 JB Jones Cooper Mk IX-Triumph P3 15:32 6 2:30.256
10 Nigel Challis Petty-Norton P3 15:34 6 2:32.219
11 Karl-Heinz Meub Cooper Mk IV-BMW INV 16:00 6 2:35.728
12 Per Hageman Cooper Mk XII-Norton INV 16:33 6 2:40.004
13 Richard Bishop-Miller Revis-JAP P3 16:40 6 2:35.603
14 Stuart Wright Cooper Mk VIII-JAP P3 13:06 5 2:31.786
15 Peter Kumlin Effyh-JAP INV 14:05 5 2:38.941

However, this being 500’s, the weekend would not have been complete without some social activity. On Friday evening after practice we joined the Formula Junior crowd for a BBQ at a beach side café. For some this was to end with a skinny dip, but lets draw a veil over this – (JB wished there had been one close by!!). Saturday mid afternoon was set aside for tea and cakes to set the drivers up for the race and was enough to keep the wolf from the door until well into the evening. The organisers had set up a parade for any driver that wished to drive their car into the town centre. Both Richard de la Roche and Mike joined in with competition cars of all descriptions and others of our group walked. This was a fantastic experience with crowds lining the streets many deep. Finally, Sunday lunchtime saw fizz and nibbles enjoyed by all, along with several ‘ice bucket’ challenges before some had to leave to catch ferries home leaving others to enjoy yet more racing.

Our thanks to all Members who ventured to Zandvoort, making it a ‘best yet’ continental trip, to Carol Woods for organising T shirts for all, and to all the ladies who helped with tea and cakes, nibbles etc and keeping the men going. Nigel C expresses his personal thanks to Andy Turner and Richard DLR for help with resurrecting his gearbox!

Brian is too cool for school.....

Gathering among the dunes