Cadwell Results 131013

Cadwell Park 12th October 2013

Well it's the end of the season and that means the most important competition of the year. In a dramatic rules change, designed to test the competitors versatility, cakes, the traditional fare for this event, were out and in came pies, specifically apple pies. Inevitably, this meant some tough negotiations with the Motor Sports Association but a late amendment to the Blue Book enabled the test to go ahead. Judges were kindly provided by the 750 Motor Club to scrutineer the  offerings, both of whom had to be carried off after taking their tasting duties very seriously.

Fourteen lovely, lovely apple pies. Whose snout is that, knife at the ready?

Classified Finishers

Pos Name Car

1 Mike Fowler Cooper Mk V-Norton
2 Ian Phillips Cooper Mk X-Norton
3 Pat Barford Arnott-Norton

Our sincere thanks to the 750 Motor Club, the pie judges and all those poor marshals.

And special thanks to the truly beautiful ladies who fed me soup.



Mike and Laura enjoy the silver slice of victory


Points Table




Words: Neilly

Pics: Nige & Kitty

Soup: Soup Girls

Rain: God

Judges: 750 MC


Pat just gets a handshake, he'd brought his own mug.

And the racing? There wasn't any, it rained persistently from dawn so, while we got to play silly b*ggers in practice (the least wet time of the whole day), the Clerk of the Course decided to go home for his tea before we got to our race. Nobody was quite sure if they were disappointed or pleased at the announcement so the drowned rats all went home. Mike Fowler was the only one smiling, having put his Mk V on pole, thus thoroughly embarrassing those Mk IXs, Xs, XIs.....

Martin Sheppard in the freshly imported Brynfan Tyddyn Special, in Practice, of course.


Oops a Daisy.   Photo Kitty Chisholm

A mixed bunch atop the Mountain; John Chisholm (Arnott), R B-M (Revis), Fred Walmsley (Cooper Mk VII), Pat Barford (Arnott) and Darrell Woods (Cooper Mk XII)    Photo Kitty Chisholm

All sorts at the Hall Bends James Gray (Comet), Richard de la Roche (Smith-Buckler), Nigel Challis (Petty) and Darrell sneaks in, back of shot again.    Photo Kitty Chisholm