Curborough Results 090814

Curborough 9th August 2014

Four drivers were entered for this, the last circuit on the sprint calendar for this year, leaving only the Brighton Speed trials. Curborough is unusual in using two laps to form a run thus giving more opportunity to learn the bends.

Charles had planned to drive his 500 but an issue with brake bleeding meant he had to bring the v-twin instead.

At the drivers briefing, the organisers were very positive on the programme for the day and hoped we might get three timed runs after two practices. However, we were destined to be disappointed as the circuit doctor had failed to arrive and it took nearly an hour and a half before a replacement was present. This caused the cancellation of practice 2 and despite making up some time, we were only to get two event runs.

Everyone completed this without drama, working out where the grip was to be found and looking forward to making improvements.

Mike in the CBP-Iota

Timed runs
Good gains were made by Jan, Charles and myself on the first run, but a brake lock up caused Peter to loose a little at the start of the second lap. Dad Richard, also felt the gearing was not quite right and swopped sprockets.

By the time of the second run, we had been joined by Andy Turner, Ian Phillips and JB Jones to witness our efforts. They saw further reductions in times for all except Charles. On starting they noticed quite a serious fuel leak which was to defy a quick fix, forcing him to abandon the run. The tweeks to Peter’s Cooper, and a pep talk, gave him a lightening start which resulted in the only sub 70 second run of the day,


Pos Name Car Run 1 Run 2 Best

Words and pics by Mike Wood

1 Peter del la Roche Cooper Mk V-JAP 73.55 69.86 69.86
2 Jan Nycz Staride-Norton 71.50 71.38 71.38
3 Mike Wood CBP-JAP 76.59 76.36 76.36
4 Charles Reynolds Cooper Mk VII-JAP 70.15 N/S 70.15