Goodwood Results 200908

Goodwood Revival 19/20th September 2008

Our return to Goodwood proved a great success with a succession of warm days producing some quick times and plenty of entertainment for drivers and spectators. The vagaries of the invitation process and few late changes left a paddock somewhat biased to the late-model Coopers, although still with a fair collection of other cars. About half the field was made up of regular British racers, with six Scandinavian raiders, and it was good to see French 500 stalwart joining the group. “Team Svenska Effyh” fielded three of the midget racers, led as usual by the irrepressible Peter Kumlin plus Rickard With and Frank Hogman. Hakan Sandberg and Richard Utley presented a brace of JBS, whilst Jason Wright joined Mike Fowler to provide a pair of immaculate bare-metal Cooper Mk Vs. Jason's car would also appear in the Legends Tribute with non other than Stirling Moss aboard. Gordon Russell had forsaken the Mackson for Pat Barford’s Cooper Mk VIII (now sporting a tidy mid-green colour scheme), while David Woodhouse had the Ivor Bueb Mk IX that had won the Earl of March Trophy in 1955 and 1956 - David would drive the car in the “Goodwood Heroes” parade wearing a copy of Ivor’s crash helmet.

John Turner on his way to Pole. Photo Kitty Chisholm

Sadly Rabagliati’s restored Trimax was not ready for its debut so Duncan was in Nigel Ashman’s Kieft CK52, while Nigel reverted to his regular Cooper Mk XI. The Trimax was, however on display in the Paddock, looking fantastic and making it even more frustrating that she did not turn a wheel! The other different cars were, honorary Frenchman, JB Jones in the Cousy, John Chisholm's Arnott and Dave Lecoq's Petty. Another car to go missing was Simon Frost's Martin, another delayed restoration, so Simon would pilot Mark Palmer's Cooper Mk XI. Fortunately we had the regular Ray Martin car of Roy Hunt to uphold honour. Scrutineering proved interesting with a number of issued being raised over eligibility of fire extinguishers. Fortunately a stock of correctly dated extinguishers satisfied the scrutineer......

Exiting the chicane at the end of lap one, Russell, Turner, Hodges, Holland and Challis. Photo Kitty Chisholm.


Practice looked to be enlivened by both leading JAP cars, John Turner and Neil Hodges, making plans to change gearing mid-session, both drivers being desperate to take on the Nortons but mindful of the risks of over gearing or over revving . Both did indeed stop in the Paddock after completing their mandatory three laps for different reason. John was satisfied with his car and decided to sit out the rest of the session. Neil, however had a badly slipping clutch. The well-laid plans of his mechanics rapidly descended to the level of Fred Karno’s army (albeit with rather more swearing). Disappearing on a cloud of tyre smoke, the clutch blew completely at Lavant on the out lap, leaving him a relatively poor ninth on the grid.

For whatever reason, though possibly the fairly early slot in the day, the track was not at its best, and those who remained out for the whole session were setting their best times at the end, perhaps as the track rubbered-in. Despite being a couple of seconds off the lap record pace, it was notable that some nineteen cars dipped below the two-minute mark, including Hakan, Shirley Monro and John Jones. Reliability was also improved, with more than half the field returning to Parc Ferme under their own steam (a good figure for the Revival).

Gentleman Driver Peter Kumlin, in his Effyh, exits the chicane. Photo Ben Cowdrey.

Major problems were fairly limited. Simon Frost blew the top end in Mark Palmer’s Mk IX Norton, but had a spare to drop in. Rodney Delves did the same on his final run through the Chicane, but didn’t, and would have to scratch from the race. As well as Neil’s clutch, Jason Wright was handicapped by a misfire (though to be an earthing problem), while Roy Hunt lost his float chambers. Geoff Gartside also suffered a misfire, and on later inspection discovered first a cracked engine-bearer then a crack in the rear frame.

Most obvious damage was to the nose of Gordon’s Cooper. Following Roy into Madgwick and rapidly catching a slower car, Gordon had committed to passing both on the outside. But as Roy went to the inside, the backmarker drifted out, forcing Gordon onto the (still dewy) grass and into a spin. As the car rolled back on track, it clipped the rear wheel of Mike Gilbert’s car - fortunately with no damage to the latter, but denting and ripping up the freshly-painted nose of Gordon’s car. Some judicious hammering and jury-rigging of the hinge assembly would hold for the race.

John Turner’s had been quite correct to be satisfied with limited running as he had taken pole position, even more remarkable given his power handicap to the Nortons. It was certainly apt that in the 40th year of the 500 Owners Association, one of its founders and most committed supporters should be able to lead the field away. As John took the many congratulations, son Andrew set about plating a cracked steering wheel spoke...

Rodney Delves' Kieft

Joining John on the front row (a 3-2-3 formation, of course) would be Simon and David Lecoq - the three of them covered by less than a tenth of a second. Nigel Ashman would be fourth (on his Goodwood debut, although there were rumours of a surreptitious appearance at a test day the previous week) and Gordon Russell. Mike Fowler headed Row 3 - after a cautious debut in 2005 he seemed to be squeezing the most from the Mk V whose chassis really can’t compete with the later Coopers - joined by David Woodhouse (with concerns about rather vague steering) and Roy Hunt. Neil would assume Row 4, next to the space where Rodney should have been. Row 5 combined the two most improved drivers of the year - James Holland and Martin Sheppard with Richard Utley. An all-Swedish Row 6 (Peter Kumlin, in the very nervous SWB Effyh, and Hakan’s JBS showing better performance than for a while) headed Shirley (looking good with a new engine), Nigel Challis (returning to the scene of his roll in '05) and John Jones. The remaining runners were generally happy, most learning the circuit or their temporary mount, only Frank Hogman’s Effyh proving reluctant. Special praise though for Paul Hewes - after their nasty battering at Cadwell Park in August, both car and driver were in finer fettle than they should have been, and Paul gently eased himself back into the saddle for 26th place.


Competitors appeared bright and early for the 10.40 race start. All appeared in fine fettle, the only problem being wayward spectators as the cars were started in the Paddock area. There were a few close shaves, and Simon Frost nearly collecting a Lotus 22 being pushed across his path. Spot on time, all twenty nine cars departed the Assembly Area to complete their sighting lap. The cars were very quickly formed on the grid, and on release the first three rows roared off in almost perfect formation. Nigel Ashman hung onto the first three in very close formation, until John Turner was pushed wide onto the grass at St Mary’s, dropping him to seventh place over the line.

Simon led from David Lecoq and Nigel (the trio covered by one second), followed at a few cars length by Mike Fowler, David Woodhouse, Gordon Russell then John. Neil Hodges, now with a slightly dragging clutch had made a miserable start, passing the start flag well into the twenties. An astonishing first lap brought him right back to sixth, ahead of James Holland and a quick-starting Nigel Challis place. Peter Kumlin led the Swedes, followed by Martin Sheppard and Hakan Sandberg, Shirley, Richard Utley and Mike Gilbert, Johns Chisholm and Jones and the rest. Sadly, Frank Hogman’s Effyh failed to complete the first lap and Olle Linde’s and Jason Wright both pulled into the pits after the first lap (Jason would have another go but only completed one more lap). Patrick Morin and Per Hageman both failed to leave the line (Per with a snapped clutch cable)- both would eventually get going just over a lap late, and motored well to the finish at least.

At the front, Simon was starting to ease a gap of 1-2 seconds a lap from David, who was coming under pressure from Nigel. Next was Neil who had cut through the battle that was Mike, Gordon and David (with John looking for a similar way through) to take fourth place, though some distance from David & Nigel. The pace was certainly ferocious with the first four already well below the pole time. Of the expected front runners, only Roy was struggling, with a slipping clutch. He tried to cool out without success, and as it got worse he finally pulled over after three laps.

David Woodhouse, Mike Fowler and Nigel Challis. Photo Sarah Gray.

On lap four, Simon now held a comfortable lead of about five seconds, but it was now from Nigel who dived past into Woodcote. With a clear track ahead, he would start to stretch the Mk XI and move closer to Simon. Neil was still fourth, some four seconds back but lapping a second faster than David, so perhaps he might steal a podium near the end. The second yellow & blue Cooper-JAP, John, was running at Neil’s pace now he was clear of the pack, and might join the party.

That chiselled jaw, it must be James Holland        

The next group contained Gordon in sixth, edging away from David Woodhouse and Mike Fowler (enthusiastic, but unable to quite overcome the shortcomings of the Mk V). Nigel Challis latched onto the group, finally rediscovering his mojo after his crash here in 2005, and putting in the best performance we have seen in those three years. James Holland could not quite hold the pace and would gradually slip back for a lonely race, well clear of Peter Kumlin. Ten seconds behind, Martin Sheppard had picked up the tail of Richard Utley (runner-up in 2005). The pair would run nose-to-tail for the rest of the race, but Martin was never quite able to make the pass. Shirley was edging away from another close pack, holding 14th position and leading John Chisholm , the Coopers of Mike Gilbert and Mike Bell, Hakan and John Jones, plus appearances by the late-starting Patrick Morin. Mike Gilbert would depart on the fifth lap with a holed piston, John Jones a lap later with overheating, and Mike Bell (dropped valve) & Hakan would complete seven laps. Duncan Rabagliati was getting more brave with the Kieft and moved onto the tail of this group and ahead of Paul Hewes.

Geoff meanwhile was again afflicted with the misfire and plummeted down the order, making thumbs-down gestures to his pit crew and just making the most of the day. As Nigel Ashman slowly fought his way onto the tail of Simon, Neil was taking big slices out of David Lecoq. On lap five the gap was down to three seconds (and ten clear of John Turner), on lap 6 he was right on the tail of the Petty. From Madgwick to Lavant, Neil was carrying extraordinary speed, and on the seventh tour the pair came through Fordwater approaching a backmarker. David hesitated briefly before committing to the inside of St Mary’s. Neil was already committed to the spot, and was at full speed and off line. In Neil’s version of events, the car went around, then three recently-lapped cars all but stopped to let him rejoin. Repeats on the DiamondScreens around the circuit confirmed a slightly different version - the car did at least a 720, followed by a 180 backwards, and the three drivers clearly decided to keep well away from the action!

In the melee, John Turner slipped past for fourth, and was rapidly catching David. Just as a last-lap battle looked inevitable, John slowed with a tightening engine to guarantee a comfortable fourth. Neil retained fifth, and at first looked under threat from Gordon. But the latter’s engine was struggling and Neil would pull away.

Dave Lecoq looks quite determined. Photo Kitty Chisholm

And there was more action at the front. Simon looked to have Nigel under control at around one second. but on the eighth lap he came across Hakan and Duncan on the run to the Chicane. Fractionally later on the power, he now found Nigel right on his tail and sniffing blood. Next time around, the roles were reversed as Simon put John Chisholm between them through Woodcote. Again, on lap 11 Simon had to contend with Per Hagerman, and Simon was back on his tail. But finally with a clear track for the final tour, Simon pushed hard to pull out a comfortable margin as Nigel accepted defeat. In fact he was so focussed he missed the chequered flag and his photo-opportunity and completed another flying lap...

2005 victor David Lecoq completed the podium, but successfully holding off John and Neil, and Gordon nursing his car to sixth. Seventh was a delighted Nigel Challis, who fought his way past David Woodhouse (still unhappy with the steering) & Mike Fowler, and a lonely James Holland in tenth. Peter Kumlin manhandled the very twitchy Effyh to eleventh followed by Richard Utley and Martin Sheppard in close formation.

Just a lap down, Shirley did a fine drive to fourteenth, driving away from the later cars of Johns Chisholm & Jones and the two Mikes before all four retired. Duncan and Paul Hewes followed with Rickard With forcing his Effyh to the line. Geoff finished seventeenth, two laps down, with late-starters Per and Patrick bringing up the tail. In all twenty of the twenty nine starters received the chequered flag, no major damage or expensive failures, and drivers and spectators had all enjoyed a great race. Roll on our next invitation.

Classified Finishers

Pos Name Car Time Laps Best

Fastest Lap: Simon Frost - Cooper Mk XI 1:44.356   82.10 mph

Gentleman Driver: 1st Peter Kumlin - Effyh, 2nd Mike Fowler - Cooper Mk V, 3rd Neil Hodges - Cooper Mk VIII.

Man of the Meeting: Paul Hewes - Cooper Mk XI

DNF: John Chisholm - Arnott, Malcolm Bell - Cooper Mk X, Hakan Sandberg - JBS, John Jones - Cousy, Mike Gilbert - Cooper Mk IX, Roy Hunt - Martin, Jason Wright - Cooper Mk V, Olle Linde - Cooper Mk X, Frank Hogman - Effyh DNS Rodney Delves - Kieft


Our thanks to Lord March and the BARC, and especially to the Swedish drivers and supporters

Photos: Kitty Chisholm, Nigel Ashman, Sarah Gray, Carol Woods, Ben Cowdrey, Mike Tozer

Race Report: Richard Hodges

1 Simon Frost Cooper Mk XI 21:27 12 1:44.36
2 Nigel Ashman Cooper Mk XI 21:30 12 1:44.71
3 Dave Lecoq Petty 21:37 12 1:45.39
4 John Turner Cooper Mk IX 21:40 12 1:46.00
5 Neil Hodges Cooper Mk VIII 21:52 12 1:45.74
6 Gordon Russell Cooper Mk VIII 22:04 12 1:47.05
7 Nigel Challis Cooper Mk VIII 22:14 12 1:47.82
8 David Woodhouse Cooper Mk IX 22:15 12 1:49.03
9 Mike Fowler Cooper Mk V 22:21 12 1:49.54
10 James Holland Cooper Mk VIII 22:32 12 1:50.63
11 Peter Kumlin Effyh 23:09 12 1:53.14
12 Richard Utley JBS 23:29 12 1:53.15
13 Martin Sheppard Cooper Mk XII 21:27 11 1:53.32
14 Shirley Monro Cooper Mk IV 21:52 11 1:56.44
15 Duncan Rabagliati Kieft CK52 22:17 11 1:56.94
16 Paul Hewes Cooper Mk XI 21:29 10 2:03.70
17 Rickard With Effyh 21:44 10 2:04.28
18 Geoff Gartside Cooper Mk VIII 22:39 10 2:06.21
19 Per Hageman Cooper Mk XII 21:48 9 2:01.41
20 Patrick Morin Cooper Mk XI 22:47 9 2:14.77

John Chisholm's Arnott leads Malcolm Bell's Cooper Mk X

The pack stream through Madgwick for the first time, Challis, Sheppard, Monro, Hunt (on the wider line), Sandberg, Utley, Gilbert, Hodges, Gartside and Chisholm. Photo Mike Tozer