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Ariel Red Hunter and Square Four engine
BMW Classic flat twin engines R75, R5/R51 and RS253
BSA A7 and Gold Star engines
Douglas Dirt Track engine
Gilera Saturno and Rondine engines
JAP The JAP 500cc engine.
Norton Manx Norton "Double Knocker" engine which came to dominate 500cc racing.
Rudge Ulster and TT engines
Scott Two stroke engines
Triumph Speed Twin, Tiger 100 and Grand Prix engines
Vincent HRD Meteor, Comet, Grey Flash, Rapide, and Black Shadow engines


Adams DM Adams special, later also called Adams-Wood
AEF Arthur Fisher's 1951 Fiat special for John Coundley.
AFM 49 Alex von Falkenhausen Motorenbau for Emil Vorster
Aikens One of the very first cars to be completed by Wing Commander Frank Aikens
Alfa Dana Danish production car by Uno Jensen based on the Cooper Mk IX.
Alt’cock An excellent name for a special!
Andree Charles Nerpel's Californian Special.
Arengo Guy Arengo's Bristol car.
Arnott Miss Daphne Arnott and George Thornton's 500.
ARO Arthur Rosenhammer's Volkswagen/BMW car, also known as the Flying Pencil
ASA John Forbes-Clarke's 1948 car which became the AR Special
Atlas Gottfried Vollmer's Coopers.
Audibert Paul Audibert's DB based car, also known as Acero
B.G. Karl-August Bergmann's 1951 Eigenbau.
B.J.P. Brian Pentland's Australian car from the late '50s.
B.J.R. Brian Rowsell's JAP engined 500.
B.R.M. Baker's Road Motors by Alan Stanton and Ken Gayfer of Melbourne.
Baldock Austin Seven based car of 1949.
Bardon-Turner Don Truman's Marwyn based special
BB Half Pint Basil Beall's South African car.
Bec Adrien Bec's Gilera Saturno engined car.
Beels Lex Beels' Cooper copies from Holland.
Befiata Roman Belz Fiat based kleinstrennwagen
Bendy The first South African car by Vic Cavanagh.
Bernardet/JB I Jean Bernardet's first French 500.
Berte Rene Berte's French cars.
Blue Flash Dennis Flather's Marwyn special
Bombsk Arthur Mallock's Austin Seven special.
Bond Laurie Bond's Type C.
Bosquet Winner to Tunis in 1953
BRS BRS at Croft July 1951 Nothing is known of this car other than it was raced at Croft 28th July 1951 by Kay Raper. If any further information is known please get in touch.      
Brynfan Tyddyn Special When an Effyh meets a Cooper by Senator Newell-Wood
Buzzie Jim Bosisto's early car with Douglas Dirt Track engine.
C.B.P. T.J Clarke's two cars.
C.F.S. Charlie Smith's special.
C.H.S. C.W.A. Heyward's car based on Cooper Mk IV and VI parts.
C.M.S. Gilbert Styles and Bill Brown's Triumph engined car.
C.O.L. Further development of the Triton.
C.R.M. Special by G.D. Colquhoun and D.H. Stone.
CASS 500 Les Cass' Australian 500.
Chaix Rene Chaix's front engined 500 based on his sports car.
Cheetah Gordon Henderson's Kieft inspired car.
Clayton Scott Sid Clayton's Australian 500.
Clubman 500 Jack Godbehear's Australian 500.
CMC Australian special by Andy Menzies
Cobra Tom Bryant and Fred Corbin's 500.
Comet Brian Heyward's Comet.
Condor German 500 built by Jose Jungbecker.
Cooper From homebuilt cars for John and Eric Brandon to domination of F3 and two F1 titles.
Cousy French 500 by Georges Cousy.
Cowlan Coward and Lang's car which became the prototype J.B.S.
Creamer Syd Creamer's various cars.
Cudmore Early Australian car which used a two stoke engine.
Cullen Norton Jim Cullen's New Zealand special.
Cutler Raymond Cutler's shaft driven car.
D.H.W D.H. Woods' car had an exceptionally long wheelbase.
D.N.C Norman Dewis' Rudge engined car.
D.V.D Kurt Delafoss' Flying Saucer. kleinstrennwagen
D.W.S Dave Stephenson's early Australian car.
Dane Stuart Dane's special, also called Viking.
Dastle The Dastle 500 JAP.
Debuire Jean Debuire's special, sometimes referred to as JDS.
Delhaes Belgian special by Lambert Delhaes.
Demesse Paul Demesse's car from Belgium.
Denis Zundapp engined 500 by Andre Denis, also known as DS
Deslandes Roger Deslandes 500, one of the first French cars.
Deutch Bonnet DB 500 based on Dyna Panhard flat twin engine.
DNA A Rhodesian Special
Dofin The first Belgian 500 by Victor van den Bremdt.
EAL aka Walla Eigenbau, a less than successful German special.
Echo Mike Siakooles' Californain 500.
Effyh Successful Swedish 500 made by the Håkansson Brothers .
EGS Eric Guest's special
Elhoo Successful Finnish car by Seppo Loivaranta and Olavi Havana
Emeryson Paul Emery's front wheel drive 500.
Eso Czech
Estonia Ants Seiler's cars from Tallin.
Ettorne George Henrotte's car.
ETZ Ernst Zierk's Eigenbau.
Ewing Norton Ron Ewing's Australian special
F.H.B Frank Bacon's early 500.
F.M.S Late special by WB Fowler
Fairley Reg Phillips' Austin 7 based car.
Falcone Italian 500 built by Giovanni Savonuzzi for Ugo Puma.
Fegers Eigenbau Alfred Fegers 1949 Kleinstrennwagen
Fiat Special A Fiat Topolino based car from Belgium
Fidget Early South African car by Harrington-Johnston.
Fillingham A late special by William Fillingham, a test pilot for De Havilland.
Flash Cub Special by Harry Warren of Durban
Flash Special Albert Zains' Cooper Mk XI derived special.
Flather Flather Steel special by Dennis Flather.
Freikaiserwagen The Fry's pre-war, record breaking Shelsley Special and post war Iota 500.
Freiss Early French car by Paul Freiss with Robert Riehl and Robert Zurmely, also known as the FRS.
G.M. The Green & Mays Special.
G.S.I. & 3 Gerald Spink's "Squanderbug".
G.S.W. Gerald Whitby's 500.
GDA Gerhard Demmrich's BMW powered car.
Giaur Attilio Giannini and Berardo Taraschi's 500.
Gladstone J.P. Gladstone's 1949 special.
Glückler Reudi Gluckler's BMW powered machine
Göttgens Eigenbau Joseph Göttgens 1950 special
Graetz Eigenbau Berthold Graetz's special from 1949.
Graham 500 Charlie Graham's Cooper Mk IV special and his later Mk IX type special
Granville Grenfell The Granville Grenfell Special featuring a most innovative front suspension system
Grose Bill Grose's two specials
Grün Walter Grün's East German 500.
GvB "Geheimnis von Bobby" of Bobby Kohlrausch
H B Special Hector Bossaert's car.
Halldon Buzzie renamed by Jimmy Ebdon.
Hansen Kaj Hansen's two Danish cars.
Harwin South African Kieft copy by Peter Hard and Jimmy Winstanley
Helio Heinz Lindermann's 1950 Eigenbau
Hell Spezial Austrian car by Franz Hell.
Hell’s Hammers Wally Cuff's. Iota based, special.
Herrmann Eigenbau Heinz Hermann's 1955 eigenbau
Hill R.G. Hill's 500.
Hooper Bill and Jack Hooper's Australian car.
Hornet The Hornet JAP which won the Parker Trophy in 2004.
HPN Roger Hillier's modified Effyh
Hvĕzda Jiri Bulicek's Jawa engined car.
IER Ian Raby's Cooper based special.
Imp J.H. Pratt's 1949 car.
Iota Iota Racing Cars, Bristol .
J.B.S. The J.B.S. 500 conceived and driven by Alf Bottoms.
J.K.Z. Jakob Keller's second car from Switzerland.
J.L.R. Les Rowbotham's car.
Jason Geoffrey Messervey's fuel injected, Triumph powered car.
Jawa Czech and Jawa powered
JB II&II Specials by Jean Bernardet
Jonsson – FN Special by Sten Jonsson
Jordan Canadian 500 by Herb Jordan.
JP The Scottish 500, by Joe Potts of Lanarkshire
JTS John Thompson's South African special.
K.G. Special Finnish 500 by Karl-Erik Kronqvist and Fred Geitel.
K.N. Kenneth Neve's two specials
Kaha Eigenbau Johannes Hädrich's BMW eigenbau
Kahn Robert Kahn, a pioneer from Belgium.
Kaspar Swiss 500 by Hubert Pattaey.
Keller Special Jakob Keller's Swiss car.
Kent Smith J.B. Kent and Gerald Smith's Norton engined special.
Kieft Cyril Kieft, one of the most successful constructors.
Kiehn Special Danish Alfa Dana derivative by Kiehn Berthelsen.
KJ 500 Ken Kitchen and Roy Jones, from Cardiff, built their car in 1952.
Klemm Rudolf Klemm's BMW powered Eigenbau.
Kondor BMW engined car derived from the Condor.
KP Special Danish Alfa Dana derivative by Per Krogh of the Ecurie Centre Nord.
Krenkel Willy Krenkel's Cooper style eigenbau.
KTS South African special by Billy Kay and AJ Trebble.
Kumbang The Kumbang Special by Chris Summers, nee Messenger, nee Marwyn.
Kurtz Alfred Kurtz's JAP special
Labrani Victor Labrum built his special in 1951
Lampy Spezial Later incarnation of the first Austrian car.
Larkens Early Dutch one-off 500
Lauer Eigenbau Early Kleinstrennwagen by Jakob Lauer
Lawhart South African car by Ken Hartley
Leprechaun Irish 500s by Nick Flynn and Redmond Gallagher.
Leston Special Les Leston's JBS, modified by Ray Martin to swing axle configuration.
Lockey Tony Lockey, the youngest constructor of a 500.
Loweno Andre Loens special from 1956.
LTE Brillant Ferdi Lehder's second kleinstrennwagen car.
LTE Juwel Ferdi Lehder's 1948 kleinstrennwagen.
Lück Eigenbau Hans Lück's early kleinstrennwagen from 1948
Ludewig Eigenbau Rolf Ludewig's early kleinstrennwagen from 1948
Ludwig Eigenbau Max Ludwig's 1952 kleinstrennwagen
Luna JAP engined car driven by DGS Cotter
MAC John Gibbs' 1948 car.
Mackay Wally Mackay's Triumph special.
Mackson Gordon Bedson and "Mac" Macgee's 500.
Marott Denis Flather's first special aka Blue Flash
Marshall Early Australian 500 by Bob Joass.
Martin Ray Martin initially worked with Cyril Kieft and later built cars under his own name.
Marwyn The Marwyn Car Construction Company, Dorset, builders of the first production 500.
MBMG Geoff Monk's P Type MG based 500.
McCandless Rex McCandless, well known in the field of bike racing, built a front engined, four wheel drive car.
Melkus Heinz Melkus' Cooper inspired 500 which won the 1958 East German Championship.
Messenger A modified Marwyn by Ron Messenger
Meteor One off car by Competition Cars, Colchester
Mezzolitre Gordon Bashford's BSA engined cars of 1951.
MH 1,2&3 Manfred Herbster's specials
MHM Jock and James Moncrieff's early special
MHW Triumph engined Marwyn by Alex McGlashan.
Milli-Union Gerry Millington's Iota car, one of the very first 500s.
Mini Moke South African special by Bill Dunlop
Minouflet Freiss or FRS while in the hands of André Minouflet
MM BMW engined car from 1959.
Monaco George Hartwell's early 500.
Monopoletta Helmut Polensky's 500.
Moreaux French Panhard powered car
Nami 041M Russian car by Alexander Pelttser
Nardi Enrico Nardi, better known for steering wheels, also built a 500.
Nellemann Robert Nellemann's first car.
Norton Cub South African car of ER Kemp
OK Otto Kolan's eigenbau
Ortschitt Eigenbau Josef Ortschitt's eigenbau.
Otto Mathé Special A one off appearance by Lothar Rafael at the Commander Yorke meeting in 1956
P.R.A. Preston Racing Automobiles.
P.R.S. Norman Dewis' DNC renamed by J. Reason.
P.S.A Or possibly PRA, an early Spanish 500
P.S.W. Paul Schorch's DKW engined kleinstrennwagen.
Parker-Kieft Don Parker's modified Kieft.
Parker Special Don Parker's one off, originally developed with Charlie Smith..
Parsenn Jeremy Fry's lightweight 500 of 1949.
Petty Ray Petty, best known as a Norton tuning specialist, built his own car.
Piccolo Karl Weber's first eigenbau.
Pradeau Andre Pradeau from Limoges
Pugh Special Norman Pugh's 1950 special
RALT Ron and Austin Tauranac's first racing car.
RC Special Bruce Campbell's 1950 car.
Reeves Rudge Early Australian 500 by Norman Rook and A.F. Reeves.
Revis Reg Bicknell's two specials.
RGR Special based on Cooper Mk IV by Robert Learnan.
RJ 500 Scandinavian car.
Robbins Australian car by R.M. Robbins
Ross Australian Ross 500.
Rougier French Simca based 500.
Rowe Kieth Row'es Douglas powered special
RPG Roger Gaillard's specials
Russell Early special by WH Russell.
S.M.S Jeff Sparrow's Austin 7 and Marwyn based cars.
Salut 1947 Russian car by Mihail Derkovskiy and Alexander Peltzer
Saxon Mackson rebuilt by Cyril Scott-MacArthur
Scampolo German, DKW engined 500
Schwannen Schwannen JAP.
Seepferdchen Karl Weber's second Eigenbau, the Seahorse.
Seifert Siegfried Seifert's eigenbau.
Sidney Len Sidney's Rudge engined car from Melbourne, Australia.
Silverbird Effyh copy by Robert Nellemann from Denmark.
Silverfågel Swedish car by Olle Grandin
Simca Surva Henri Otterbein's Simca based car from France.
Slot Less than successful attempt by Wagner Slot.
Smith Ken Smith's first special.
Smith-Buckler Ken Smith's second car, constructed by Buckler of Reading.
Smith Mk III Ken Smith's third car.
Snipe Larry Kropp's American 500.
Sprog Burnett-Read's Australian 500 using a BSA engine.
Staride John Habin and Mike Erskine's Star Ride.
Stone Les Stone's Rudge powered special.
Strang Colin Strang's successful early 500 and the first mid engined car.
Stromboli Adrian Butler and Bruce Mardon's Iota based car.
Struzka Czech car from 1951 using a JAWA engine.
Swebe Built by Sven Andersson and Bengt Peterson, father of Ronnie.
Tarf Piero Taruffi's twin boom record cars
Tatra Oscar Madsen's Danish car built from an RAF drop canister.
Telna André Hanlet's Belgian car based on one Robert Kahn's cars.
Tiger Cub Successful South African 500 by Orlando Fregona and Don Hall.
Tiger Kitten Clive Lones' successful series of cars.
Tiger Special Morris Minor based Australian special.
Trenberth Murray Trenberth's Australian 500.
Trevellick Rudolph Trevellick's 1951 car.
Trimax Spike Rhiando's advanced monocoque design.
Triton South African 500 by Mike Renton
Turner Kieft Jack Turner's remarkable four cylinder DOHC engined Kieft.
Ultra Ernst Anner's Swiss car.
Underwood A.A Underwood's Scott engined 500.
Urania Berardo Taraschi's 500.
Vergano Italian special by Francesco Vergano
Victress A 500 from Hollywood, California.
Volpini Gilera powered Volpini
VSM Victor van der Brempt's second car from Belgium.
Waco Gerry Webster's car which he converted for road use.
Walkem Special EJ "Jock" Walkem car from Tazmania
Walker Special Harold Walkers car of 1953.
Walla/EAL Was this Walla's first car? Later owner Austrian Franz Koch.
Walla Eigenbau/Lampy Spezial Possibly the first Austrian special, later owned by Martin Lampy
Walton Bruce Walton's successful Australian 500.
Warburton Clem Warburton and Brian Chatterton's Australian special
Wasp Jack Moor's Wasp IV.
Weeke Auto Union engined car, probably a Formula Junior
Wehrlin R.W. Wehrlin's Swiss 500 of 1948
Weiß Eigenbau Hansgeorg Weiß's early kleinstrennwagen from 1948
Weiser Richard Weiser's Eigenbau
Wenz Bob Wenz, from California, rare American 500.
WGM Special Morrie Wheeler and Jack Gow's car with front mounted Matchless engine and featuring disk brakes.
Wharton Ken Wharton's special.
WHD John Densham's front engined special, sometimes called Rotherham
White Lloyd Anthony White's car based on a Lloyd chassis.
Whitfill Special Jerry Whitfill's Triumph engined roadster.
Willment Four cylinder, front engined and all enclosed bodywork by John Willment.
Wishart Alex Wishart of Durban, South Africa's two cars.
WR 51 Eigenbau by Walter and Heinz Weeke.
Wright Special Jimmy Wight's special, also known as "Blackburn"
Z Russian 500 by Alexander Peltzer.
Zephyr Iota special by Jackie Breese
ZIG Cooper copy from Luxembourg.
Zimmermann Daniel Zimmermann, two stroke innovator's eigenbau.

Histories & Mysteries

Kenny Baird is trying to complete the rebuild a mystery 500 and find out more of its history. The front suspension is by double wishbones and a Kieft style swing axle at the rear but it features three stud Morris hubs. From 1967 until 1969 it went though the ownership of Stewart Hands, Mike Cubbage and then Tony Bianchi bit its constructor is unknown. Click here to see more.

NorJAP Cooper, a remarkable hybrid engine comprising a JAP twin with Norton Heads. Click here for details.

John Dent would like to know what happened to his Cooper Mk IV which featured unusual body work. It's last known owner was Equipe Brutoni. Click here to see more.

Missing in Action! We already have 250 cars and their makes documented but there are still a few missing. If you own, owned, or were involved with any car which doesn't appear, please let us know some details so that we can extend the archive or, if you have any additional details for a featured car, please get in touch. Some missing marques:

"AFF" by AF Fulwood, "AHE" by Alan Eyre in Australia, "Alcedo" by Hans-Bruno Senf, "Alecto" Scotish car by Jim Palmer, driven by Lord Strathcarron at Goodwood, March 1951, "Alpha" Irish modified Marwyn by Jim Stirling, "Amal-JAP" by Wilf Allen, "Antem" by Jean Antem in 1950, "Arter Special" by Arter & Co of Ramsgate, "ATC" by AT Carroll, "Bardahl Special" driven by Lohmann Jorgensen in1955, "Benelli" driven by Herman Benecke during 1951, "Branca" Gilera engined by Aquilion Branca, "Cege" by Raymond Sjoqvist, "CMS" by Gordon Styles at Brands Hatch in 1951, "Cook Special" driven by Vic Worlock at Castle Combe April 1953, "Cullen-Norton" driven by John Cullen in the Waimate 50 (NZ) January 1959, "Darian Special" driven by Ian Smith at Brands, September 1950, Delphin" by Klaus Kuhn at Avus in June 1952, "DSP" at Castle Coombe in 1962, "Duck Anderson Special" from Queensland, "DWS" driven by David Stevenson in Australia, "EE Special" Effyh based car by Eric Engvall, "ELT Special" by JH Elt in 1951, "FG" Douglas engined car driven by F Goodwillie in 1950, "Frisch" a Cooper copy from Germany, "GDC" driven by Marcel Piveteau during 1952 and 53, ""GMD" driven by Roger Goniche at Montlhéry in '54, "Gridley" JAP engined at Silverstone in September '58, "GWM" by GW Mullard, "Hardy Special" driven by Camille Hardy at Montlhéry in April 1950, "Hawthorn" by AD Green in March '62, "Hayles Special" raced at Brands Hatch in 1951 by DJ Hayles, "Hodge Podge" BSA engined by Raymond Poe of Los Angeles, "JR" Triumph engined by Jean Terigi, "KE Special" by Knut Ericsson, "KJ" by Ken Kitchen and Roy Jones, "Landar" by Peter Radnall, "Lincoln" Australian 500 by Douglas, "LT Special" by Jack Newton, "Marrie Special" by Roger Marriè, "MB 500" by Mortlock and Beale in Australia, "Meek Empress" by Chris Meek, "Menzies Special" by Andie Menzies, "Morrow Special" Vincent engine by Harry Morrow, "Naystur" by C.D. Naylor of Leicester, "PSW" Eigenbau by Paul Scorch, "RGW Norton" by Gregory Brain, "RTC" by Reg Spreckley at Croft in July 1951, "Rudge Special" by Ted Huggins, "SBS" by Kauko Bjorkqvist in Helsinki, May 54, "Schoon" by Louis Schoon, "Shaddick JAP" by Trevor Shaddick, "Shenton" driven by A Davison in 1947 "Siata" Crosley powered driven by Bill Friedauer in the US, "Suecia" Swedish car driven by Greger Lutteman "Tarpon" driven by Arnold Putz during 1951, "TDJ" by DH Beale, "Terigi" by Jean Terigi, "Thormin" by Dave Thormin of California, "Viper" by Trevor Shaddick and later Peter Mutton, "Weldon" special, "WGW" BMW driven by Theo Fitzau, "Worlock" driven by Vic Worlock in 1950