An archive the people who built and raced 500cc Formula 3 cars. Click on any name to see more.

Adolf Glunz West German Scampolo driver in '50 and '51
Adolf Lang West German Champion in 1953
Adrian Butler CAPA founder and stalwart of 500s
Åke Jönsson Swedish Effyh driver
Alan Brown Ecurie Richmond driver who scored Cooper's first World Championship points.
Alan Cowley Prolific competitor from 1953 to 1958 in Cooper and Petty
Alan Eccles Staride and Cooper pilot from '54 to '59.
Alan Hutchinson Dutch airline pilot
Alan Rippon Special builder and Cooper driver for Ecurie Britannique.
Alan Rogers Cooper pilot from Cheshire in 1950 and '51
Albert Zains Cooper regular and creator of the Flash Special
Alex McGlashan Scottish Marwyn and Cooper driver.
Alexis DuPont American Cooper driver and heir.
Alf Bottoms Speedway rider and creator of the JBS.
Allan Moore JBS Triumph driver.
Alvar Strandberg Swedish Cooper driver
Alvin “Spike” Rhiando Winner of the Grand Prix race at Silverstone, inventor of the Trimax and colourful character.
André Héchard DB and Le Mans driver
André Loens Successful racer from France and builder of the Loweno.
Andrew Goodfellow Scottish Cooper pilot in 1957
Anthony Yorke Commander CA Yorke RN, who gave his name to the 100 mile race at Silverstone.
Arnold Stafford Driver, F1 mechanic and member of John Wyer's team
Arthur Gill Gentleman driver who took over the Mackson team.
Arthur Mackenzie South African racer
Austen May Successful trials driver who turned to 500 racing and was also a successful author.
Austin Nurse Cooper pilot from 1950 to '53, HWM Alta Lotus driver .
Axel Johansson Swedish Cooper driver
Basil Tye Racer, yachtsman and Managing Director of the RAC MSA
Bernard Manning Mackson and Staride driver
Bernie Ecclestone Bernie began his racing career in 500s and went on to run Brabham and then Formula 1.
Bertie Bradnack Regular club racer, known for Cooper Bradnack Lugs.
Betty Haig Rally, track and hills driver.
Bill Aston Early Cooper driver and all rounder.
Bill Grose Garage owner and special builder
Bill Jones CRM and Cooper driver
Bill Lee The first man to compete in a 500 in Northern Ireland and New Zealand.
Bill Patterson Australian who performed well on his brief tour of England.
Bill Whitehouse The prominent early racer who died at Reims in 1957.
Bob Dixon Scottish JP driver
Bob Gerard The versatile all round racer.
Bob Leapingwell Cooper Mk IV driver.
Bob Wenz Californian special builder and long standing racer.
Bobby Kohlrausch Pre war motorcycle and Austin 7 racer and post war 500 racer
Børge Nielsen Alfa Dana and Effyh driver.
Bruce Campbell Soldier, daredevil and racer.
Bruce Kessler Californian driver and film director.
Charles Cooper Managing Director of Cooper's Garage and the Cooper Car Company
Charles Headland Car dealer and one of the fastest Kieft drivers.
Charlie Smith Motorcycle racer turned car builder.
Chris Fergusson One of the first Cooper owners in South Africa
Claude Tipper Monaco driver and motoring artist
Cliff Allison Cliff began his career in a Cooper before being spotted by Colin Chapman.
Clive Lones Brooklands racer and pioneer of 500cc motorsport.
Colin Davis Top flight driver in 55 and '56, son of SCH "Sammy" Davis.
Colin Strang An early pioneer and highly successful hillclimb competitor.
Comish Hunter Scottish Cooper and JP driver
“Curly” Dryden Ron "Curly" Dryden raced a Cooper and a JBS as well as for MG at Le Mans.
Curt Lincoln Swedish born driver, father of Nina (Rindt).
Cyril Kieft Steel magnate and racing car constructor.
Daphne Arnott Proprietor of Arnott supercharges and eponymous 500 constructor
David Blane Scottish JP driver.
David Boshier-Jones Circuit racer and multiple hillclimb champion
David Brake A 500 regular who sadly lost his life at Boreham in 1951.
David Strathcarron Lord, "works" driver for Marwyn, journalist and keen motorcyclist.
David Swan Scottish Cooper and JP driver.
Dean Delamont Designer of the Staride and Kieft, journalist and RAC competition manager.
Dennis Taylor Regular Competitor in his Arnott and Martin.
Derek Annable Buckinghamshire Farmer and Cooper driver.
Derek Strange Cooper driver in 1956 & 1957
Derrick Colvin Club racer from 1956 to 1960 in a Cooper and JBS
Dick Caesar Pioneer of low cost motor racing and driving force behind the 500 Club.
Dick Campbell New Zealand's "Cock o' the North" speedway rider and 500 racer.
Dick Hagy Richards "Dick" Hagy, East Coast driver
Dick Hett Emeryson pilot.
Dick Irish American Kieft driver.
Dick Richards JBS Driver
Dickie Stoop GSI and CFS, Fraser Nash and Porsche driver.
Don Auray SCCA Champion in 1963
Don Gray Prolific competitor in Cooper and Kieft.
Don Parker Don was the most successful F3 driver with 3 championships and over 100 wins.
Don Truman Competitor and the man behind the Bardon-Turner.
Don Williams HL Williams, Cooper and Emeryson driver
Donald Beauman Cooper driver in '51 and '52, later a Connaught driver.
Donald Iszatt Regular Cooper-JAP driver at Brands in the mid '50s
Ecurie Richmond Jimmy Richmond's team, Eric Brandon and Alan Brown.
Edward Greenall Cooper driver in '53 and '54
Eiler Svensson Swedish Effyh and Cooper driver.
Elie Bayol DB pilot who went on to OSCA and Gordini.
Elisabeth Store Winner of the Ladies Race at Brands
Eric Brandon John Cooper's boyhood chum and 1951 Formula 3 Champion.
Eric Fenning Cooper and Staride driver.
Eric Paulson Cooper and Kieft driver in 1952 and '53
Eric Winterbottom Landlord of the Albert Hotel a favourite watering hole.
Ernest Gearing South African trendsetter in a Marwyn
Eugene Hall American Cooper driver from 1954 to 1957
Fay Taylour Motorcycle racer, Brooklands driver and fascist.
Ferdi Lehder Creator of the LTE Juwel and Brillant and record breaker.
Francis Beart Renowned Norton engine tuner.
Francis Curzon Earl Howe, Le Mans winner, founder of the BRDC and Patron of the 500 Club.
Francis Liagre DB driver
Frank Aikens "Winco" Aikens, a leading light and one of the first to complete a car.
Frank Bacon Pioneer and long standing committee member
Fred Becker American Kieft and Cooper driver.
Fred Geitel Builder of the KG Special
Friedrich Dilthey Condor driver in 50 and 51
Geoff Gartside Still racing his Cooper from 1959.
Geoff Pashley Compatriot of Ivor Bueb and Cooper driver.
George Alderman 1960 SCCA Champion
George Buitendyk Head of Goodyear in Belgium
George Dardenne Belgian Cooper driver
George Hartwell Monaco and Cooper driver best know as a garage owners and Rootes Group tuning company.
George Rolls Cooper and Kieft driver in 1953.
George Saunders Friend of the Coopers and one on their first customers.
George Wicken Perennial Formula 3 Cooper driver.
Gerald Smith Kent Smith and Arnott driver
Gordon Bedson Engineer and designer of the Mackson and Kieft Formula 1 car.
Gordon Henderson Prolific car builder from Natal
Gordon Jones Regular Cooper and Kieft driver.
Graham Hill Double Formula 1 Champion, Indianapolis 500 and Le Mans winner, started in a Cooper Mk V.
Gregor Grant Founding editor of Autosport magazine.
Gunnar Henriksen Danish Champion in 1957.
Günter Lenssen East German Grün driver
Günther Schlüter German Scampolo driver.
Guy Griffiths Motor racing photographer and regular contributor to Iota.
HA Frow Cooper driver and British Empire Medal Holder
Harold Daniell Emeryson driver, better know for bike racing and christening the Norton "Featherbed" frame.
Harry Howlett Regular Cooper pilot in '56 and '57.
Harry Morrow President and founding father of the 500cc Club of America
Harry Schell The Franco American racer.
Heimo Hietarinta Finnish Champion in 1958 and '60.
Heinz Melkus East German Champion
Hellmut Polensky Creator of the Monopoletta, rally andLe Mans driver.
Helmut Deutz Scampolo driver from Germany
Helmut Glöckler German DB driver
Henri Julien Founder of the AGS team that ran in Formula 1 during the late '80s.
Henry Koring EV, Heinrich Koring, Smith Mk III driver
Henry Taylor Speedway, Formula 3, Formula 1, Ford Competition Manager
Horst Mansfeld East German Grün driver
Huschke von Hanstein The racing baron who became Porsche's PR Manager.
Ian Burgess Winner at Avus who went on to Grand Prix
Ian Raby Successful English driver who progressed into Formula 2 and 1.
Ian Sutherland Scottish JP driver
Ivor Bueb Ivor "the Driver", who went on from Formula 3 to win Le Mans.
Jack Brabham Multiple Formula 1 World Champion for Cooper and in his own cars.
Jack Lewis A successful first year in 1958 led to Formula 2 and Formula 1.
Jack Moor Special builder, Shelsley specialist and long time 500 competitor.
Jack Neill Kieft agent and Montlhéry record driver.
Jack Newton LT special and Cooper driver
Jack Nicholson Cornish Cooper driver.
Jack Pitcher National champion in 1960
Jack Westcott Perennial Cooper, JBS and Kieft driver.
Jackie Reece Regular Cooper pilot
James Burgoyne Regular Cooper in the early 50s and inspiration for the Turner Kieft.
James Caddey Emeryson driver in 1954
Jan Flinterman Spitfire pilot, DFC and the first Dutchman to compete in Formula 1.
Jeremy Fry Socialite, inventor and creator of the Parsenn.
Jim Haynes 1959 SCCA Champion
Jim Russell One of the finest exponents of 500cc racing.
Jimmy Byrnes Mezzolitre driver
Jimmy Ebdon Buzzie and Haldon driver.
Joan Gerard Wife of Bob Gerard and third in the Ladies Race in 1950
Jock McBain Border Reivers founder
Joe Fry Freikaiserwagen driver, cousin of Jeremy.
Joe Potts Scottish driver and constructor
John A. Cooper Motorsport editor for the Autocar and collaborator in the Kieft CK51 design.
John Brise 500, stock car kart racer and father of Tony Brise.
John Brown Regular from 1951 to 1958, mainly in his Martin.
John Coombs Cooper, Staride and later, Jaguar driver and preparation expert.
John Cooper The man behind Cooper Cars and a highly accomplished driver.
John Fitch American fighter pilot who was one of the first to be successful in Europe.
John Gadwa SCCA Champion in 1961
John Gale Half Litre Car Club Secretary.
John Granville Grenfell Brooklands based engineer
John Habin Successful competitor best known as the instigator of the Staride.
John Higham JP, Kieft and Cooper driver and committee member
John Love Rhodesian Cooper driver who went on to sports and Grand Prix cars.
John Mew Cooper-JAP driver for '58 & '59, yachtsman and dentist
John Siddall CAPA member and founder of the 500 Club
John Turner 500 Owners Association's founding father
Johnny Claes Anglo-Belgium driver and musician.
Kaj Hansen Danish special builder and Effyh driver
Karl-August Bergmann BG Special and Grün driver from East Germany.
Karl Budde Condor driver from West Germany
Karl Schermer German Eigenbau and Monopoletta driver
Keith Hall Perennial Cooper competitor.
Ken Carter 500 Champion in 1950.
Ken Gregory Moss' Manager and Formula 3 driver.
Ken McAlpine JBS and Connaught driver.
Ken Smith Ken Smith was the proprietor of the Jolly Farmers pub in Enfield. After several seasons of motorcycle racing, he switched to 500s and built a series of specials
Ken Tyrrell Began racing in a Cooper before progressing to team management and Formula 1.
Ken Watkins Regular though 1949 and '50 in his Cooper Mk III
Ken Wharton The versatile racing driver and hillclimb champion.
Knut Ericsson Swedish KE special and Effyh driver.
Kurt Ahrens Jr. Successful son and Cooper driver.
Kurt Ahrens Sr. German speedway champion turned Scampolo and Cooper driver
Kurt Kuhnke Prolific German Cooper pilot.
Lars Finnilä Finnish KG, Effyh and Cooper driver
Laurence Pomeroy Son of the Vauxhall Chief Engineer, Vice President of the 500 Club and President of the VSCC.
Leif “Basse” Hveem Norwegian speedway rider and Cooper driver
Leo Mattila Finnish politician and mayor of Helsinki
Les Leston Formula 3 Champion in 1954,
Les Taylor Wannabe Australian Kieft agent
Leslie Thorne Scottish Cooper driver.
Lewis Lewis-Evans Better known as "Pop", father of Stuart, motoring enthusiast and competitive driver.
Lex Beels Regular competitor and car builder from Holland.
Mac Tilton American F3 racer, Datsun crew chief and clutch engineering company.
Mervyn Kearon Regular Cooper driver.
Michael Devlin "Ginger" Devlin, Cooper and Ecurie Richmond mechanic.
Michael Rogers D.M. Rogers, National 500cc Champion in 1962.
Mike Hawthorn Britain's first World Champion
Mike Ledbrook National Champion in 1961
Mike Trackman JBS and Martin driver from 1956 to '62
Murray Rainey Australian hill climb Champion
Nils Gerremo Swedish Cooper driver
Ninian Sanderson Scottish Cooper and Staride driver who went on to win Le Mans.
Norman Pugh Creator of the Pugh Special and latter a Cooper pilot
Ola By Swedish Effyh driver
Olga Kevelos Trials rider and Kieft driver.
Orlando Fregona "Lucky" Fregona, a South African pioneer.
Ormsby Issard-Davies Cooper driver in 1951 and '52
Oscar Frank German Cooper and Kieft driver.
Oscar Swahn First Scandinavian to acquire a production Cooper.
Otto Dillenius Dutch Cooper driver.
Owen Maddock Cooper designer and jazz musician
Pat Harrington-Johnson Creator of the Fidget and South African correspondent for Iota.
Pat Prosser Regular northern Cooper pilot
Paul Emery Creator of the Emeryson car and regular driver.
Paul Richards 1957 SCCA Champion
Pauline Brock Lady hillclimber.
Pentti Loivaranta Elhoo driver
Peter Braid Major Braid was responsible for one of the strangest accidents of all time at Blandford.
Peter Collins 500 hopeful who went on to race for Ferrari alongside Mike Hawthorn.
Peter Jopp Emeryson driver, Le Mans winner and rally driver.
Peter Page One of Cooper's first customers and a 500 regular.
Peter Procter Regular and successful Cooper driver from 1956 to '58.
Philip Barak Started in a Cooper then drove just about everything.
Philip Meub German Cooper BMW driver.
Philip Robinson Cooper driver from 1954 to 1959
Philippe Schell Often overlooked brother to Harry
Piero Taruffi Motorcycle and car racer and author.
Pim Richardson Dutch Beels driver
Poul Rasmussen Multiple Danish Champion.
R D Biss Regular Cooper pilot.
Ray Martin Builder of the first Kieft for Moss and a series of cars in his own name.
Raymond Mays ERA, BRM and Vice-President of the 500 Club
Raymond Sommer Grand Prix driver and Le Mans winner.
Raymond van Hauw Belgian DB driver
Reg Barrett Cooper driver.
Reg Bicknell Creator of the Revis, one of the most successful specials.
Reg Hunt Australian Grand Prix driver.
Reg Phillips Hill climber and builder of the Fairley 500.
Reg Spreckley Perennial competitor and winner of the first ever Cadwell Park race.
Rob Anderson Cooper and Staride driver
Robert Bell Iota pilot
Robert Brise Older brother of John and Cooper driver.
Robert Nellemann Multiple Danish Champion.
Robin Montgomerie-Charrington Raced his Cooper through 1950 and '51 then the Aston-Butterworth Grand Prix car in '52.
Rod Nuckey International Cooper pilot.
Ron Flockhart J.P. Driver from Edinburgh who won Le Mans.
Ron Frost London boy who would play a major part in New Zealand racing when he exported his JBS.
Ron Learnan Kiwi on a racing tour of England who built the RGR
Roy Clarkson Early Iota driver who helped to found Autosport magazine.
Roy Mayne Autosport Trophy winner in 1958.
S.C.H. Davis S.C.H. "Sammy" Davis, Bentley Boy, editor of the "Autocar" and President of the 500 Club.
Scott Bloor One of the most regular competitors in Formula 3.
Sir Francis Samuelson Marwyn and Cooper pilot who never lost his enthusiasm for competition.
Stan Coldham One of Cooper's first customers and 500 regular from '48 to '50.
Steve Lancefield One of the best tuners of Manx Nortons.
Stirling Moss One of the best all rounder drivers of all time who raced in Coopers and Kieft.
Stuart Lewis-Evans Stuart began in a Cooper before progressing to Formula 1 with Connaught and Vanwall.
Sven Andersson Builder of the Swebe and Swedish Champion.
Syd Herbert Better known as "Silverstone Syd".
Syd Jensen One of New Zealand’s top racing drivers.
Syd Van der Vyver South African Champion in 1960 and '61 who cut his teeth in 500s.
Ted Frost Emeryson driver
Theo Fitzau East German driver who defected.
Theo Helfrich German Cooper driver
Tom Clarke Iota special builder.
Tom Leigh Oldham garage owner and Cooper driver.
Tommy Bridger Kieft and cooper driver who became champion in 1957.
Toni Kreuzer West German champion in 1950
Tony Fergusson Ace from Africa.
Tony Marsh The multiple hill climb champion.
Trevor Taylor F3 Champion in 1958 who moved to Formula Junior and F1, with Lotus, opposite Jim Clark.
Vic Bradfield Emeryson driver in 1955.
Vic Firm JBS driver in 1952
Viggo Petersen Danish Cooper and KP Special Driver
Walter Komossa Multiple German Formula 3 Champion.
Walter Schlüter Monopoletta pilot and winner at the Nürburgring in 1950
Werner Lenke East German Grün driver.
William Lucas Raced his Monopoletta in West Germany in 1950.
Willy Lehmann One of the most prolific and successful German drivers
Willy Rentrop West German Scampolo driver

Missing in Action! If you have any information on any of the above or any new drivers or active participants in Formula 3, please let us know. We are very interested in:

AA Underwood, Anatole Stünkel, Arthur Beardshaw, Basil de Lissa, Bengt Peterson, Bill Nicholson, Bill Webb, Bille Andersen, Bruce Mardon, Brune Tavell, Camille Hardy, Charles Mark Lund, David Clarke, Denis Kitely, Donald Wagner, Emil Vorster, FC Finucane, Fernand Chaussat, Ferdi Lehder, Frank Hobart-Smith, Geoff Lang, Gerhard Zschoche, Gerry Meharey, George Saunders, George Symonds, Harry Beck, Herbert Stilborn, Herbert Petz, Henri Otterbein, Henry Williams, Jack Leary, JB Moncrieff, Jean Geslin, Jeff Sparrowe, Jim Bosisto, Johannes Hädrich, John Gibbs, Karl Becker, Karl Weber, Manfred Herbster, Michael Christie, Michel Aunaud, MGH Cadbury, Nils Gagner, Noel Berrow-Johnson, Norman Gray, Poul Andersen, Paul Richards, Paul Schorch, Raymond Cutler, Raymond Poe, Robert Charrier, Roger Gaillard, Rolf Roth, Rowland Keith, Solve Andersson, Steve Foreman, Terry Lamoureaux, Tommy Dickson, Trevor Shaddick, Uno Jensen, Vic Worlock, Victor Labrum, Vilhelm Nelleman, Vilho Hollming, Wally Cuff, Walter Bergström, Werner Lenke, Willy Arnolds