Mallory 750 MC Results 141007

Mallory Park  14th October 2007

Seventeen 500s made it to Mallory Park to join with the the 750 Trophy cars for an end of year celebration on  day which was neither cold nor wet! The original entries were boosted by the addition of Simon Frost in a Mk V and Rodney Delves in his Kieft and the only non runner in practice, for reason undiscovered, was David Whiteside’s pretty blue Cooper Mk 7. For once, champion elect Mike Fowler did not have it all his own way, Simon and John Turner were within a whisker of one another which put them on second row behind the 750s of David Brand and Paul Mason with Mike a row back and Nigel Ashman on the fourth row. Some very close times, with five cars within a second, promised spectacle further down the field and there were few teething troubles though the Bishop-Miller Cooper Mk II holed a piston and Darrell Woods’ Creamer had rather an alarming separation of the location arm on his swing axle. This was only a rehearsal for the other side to snap during the race at some speed but fortunately again without mishap.

Rodney Delves' Kieft

We repaired to the paddock to twiddle and twitch the oddments one does and were treated to a splendid buffet lunch in company with the other 750 Trophy competitors organised by Sarah Challis and her team. Our thanks to them all.

Mk VI of Nigel Ashman

Right: Paul Hewes (Mk VIII), Mike Fowler (Mk XI) and Gordon Russell (Mackson) in practice.

With usual 750 Motor Club efficiency the race programme ran ahead of time and the field of 25 got away to a clean start with three 750s disappearing into the blue. Behind them Mike Fowler, John Turner, Nigel Ashman and Simon Frost embarked on what would become a race long battle, Gordon Russell in the Mackson settled into a lonely 5th place and a further gaggle of Nigel Challis, James Holland, Martin Sheppard and Rodney Delves dug in for their own race. Darrell Woods’ nemesis struck on lap 3 and Mike Bell was also sidelined by a fuel supply problem. At the start of lap 7 Simon passed Nigel into Gerards, continuing his charge passed John Turner and two laps later had successfully challenged Mike’s lead. Mike however was having none of that and re-passed Simon who fell into John’s sights to have another go at. Nigel meanwhile was in close attendance, describing his ride as ‘educational’!

Mk II of Richard Bishop-Miller

The JBS of Hakan Sandberg and Dastle of Roy Wright.

Gordon continued to lap regularly in 5th place but the battles behind were being resolved: Martin Sheppard eventually passed Nigel Challis (clutch less throughout the race) and James Holland who had had an earlier grassy moment, and Rodney Delves also got James in the later stages.

Meanwhile on lap 7 Richard Bishop-Miller holed his second piston of the day, a cruel reward for the family’s enthusiasm. Hakan Sandberg also retired with a very sick sounding engine on lap 9. Paul Hewes, Mike Gilbert, Shirley Monro and Roy Wright (nursing a top end misfire) completed the field and were all still running at the end, and thus ended a good day’s racing. So Mike retained his lead to the finish, with Simon, John and Nigel in that order, 2½ seconds covering all four, and thus confirmed his credentials as a worthy champion for the season.        Report by John Furlong.

John Turner leads Simon Frost

Rodney Delves (Kieft)

Classified Finishers

Pos Name Car Time Laps Best


Fastest Lap: Mike Fowler - 59.57

DNF:  Hakan Sandberg - JBS, Richard Bishop-Miller - Cooper Mk II, Darrell Woods - Creamer Kieft, Mike Bell - Cooper Mk X

Our thanks to the 750 Motor Club, Sarah Challis & Crew for lunch, Darren Sellings, Deirdre Nycz and James Holland for the photos.

Final Championship Standings


1 Mike Fowler Cooper Mk XI 15:20 15 59.57
2 Simon Frost Cooper Mk V 15:21 15 59.98
3 John Turner Cooper Mk IX 15:22 15 59.68
4 Nigel Ashman Cooper Mk VI 15:22 15 59.96
5 Gordon Russell Mackson 15:50 15 1:01.78
6 Martin Sheppard Cooper Mk XII 15:16 14 1:03.32
7 Nigel Challis Cooper Mk VIII 15:20 14 1:03.97
8 Rodney Delves Kieft 15:21 14 1:04.19
9 James Holland Cooper Mk VIII 15:23 14 1:04.09
10 Paul Hewes Cooper Mk VIII 15:50 14 1:05.85
11 Mike Gilbert Cooper Mk IX 15:57 14 1:04.85
12 Shirley Monro Cooper Mk IV 16:01 14 1:06.07
13 Roy Wright Dastle 15:00 13 1:07.05


A lone Formula V wisely tries to stay out of the way as Simon Frost leads Mike Fowler and John Turner into Gerards.


Marcus Pye's review from Autosport 18th October '07. Thanks Marcus!