1947 Mk I (T4)

The Cooper Mk I sports car was built shortly after the Prototype 500 racing car and featured a one piece aluminium body over a modified chassis, Triumph twin engine and many of the same Fiat components of the prototype.

John and Charlie were enthusiastic about the prospect of a production car but nothing really came of it, partly because the garage was soon working flat out to build the Mk II production single seater but also because the Triumph engine didn't produce the same power output as the JAP and the greater weight of the car meant that performance was blunted in comparison with the prototype. Only one car was ever produced which still exists.

The Cooper sports car at Brighton in 1947 withCharlie Cooper at the wheel.

As reviewed in "The Autocar" in May 1947.

T4 Brockbank cartoon.jpg (53182 bytes)The Cooper T4 featured in a Brockbank cartoon: