1952 Mk VI (T18/T19)

Cooper advert 1951.jpg (17555 bytes)The Cooper Mk VI (T18) was introduced for 1952. Externally, it was similar to the Mk V and continued to use twin, side mounted, fuel tanks but the chassis was a significant step forward. The Fiat derived, box section, "ladder" frame was finally dropped in favour of two upper and two lower longitudinal chassis tubes of 1 1/2 inch diameter. Torsional rigidity was improved allowing softer springs to be introduced and 25 lbs was saved from the chassis alone. Overall weight was reduced by about 65 lbs by the use of magnesium elektron for a number of components such as the final drive casting, rear sprocket, rear uprights, brake back plates and Burman gearbox casing. The fuel pump was mounted on the final drive casting using a cam on the back axle shaft for drive. The hollow top cross member tube doubled as a reservoir for the chain oiling system. A new float chamber support bracket was introduced which allowed two separate float chambers to be used, one on either side of the car. This arrangement prevented fuel surge caused by cornering forces. JAP and Norton engines were offered and a long chassis version was also available for V twin engines (T19). Cooper drivers in '52 included George Wicken, Ninian Sanderson, Don Truman, Alan Brown, Bob Gerard, John Coombs andAlan Rippon for Ecurie Britanique and occasionally Moss but they had a more difficult year in 1952, competition had increased and Don Parker's Kieft would take the Championship.

Austen May's Cooper Mk VI at Prescott in September ‘54.

A Mk VI Frame with front suspension fitted.

Mk 6 Frame at Garden party.jpg (61769 bytes)

Nigel Ashman's Mk VI at Silverstone in 2006

George Wicken in his "C'est Si Bon" Mk VI.