Cowlan 1.jpg (89408 bytes)One of the earliest specials by R.L. Coward and Geoff Lang, with help from Chris and Noel Shorrock, which appeared in 1947.

It used a Fiat 500 frame, boxed to improve rigidity, a JAP engine with BSA gearbox, though later, a Norton engine was fitted. Rear suspension consisted of two trailing leaf springs which also served to give long longitudinal location to the Fiat derived back axle which was cut into two with a large sprocket replacing the normal differential.

It first appeared at the Towcester Meeting in October '47 "finishing" seventh and a creditable fifth at the Silverstone Grand Prix meeting in October 48. Another fifth place for Geoff in the 100 Mile Race in July 1949 was as good as it got and it was sold to Alf Bottoms who modified the rear end to create the the prototype J.B.S.

Noel Shorrock, of the supercharging company, in the cockpit.

Geoff Lang at the 1949 Grand Prix Meeting on 14th May.

If anyone has any more details or photos of this car, please get in touch.