The HPN is recorded as a French Racer 500, but in reality was a lightly modified Effyh. The car had already appeared in 1951 as the Barraquet (bean) and was bought by Roger Hillier around the end of the season. Hillier would replace the nose cone with something slightly tidier than that used on the Barraquet, but many of the original Effyh panels survived intact. Hillier used a Norton engine

Some known results for Roger:

Montauban, 22nd June 1952, 1st

Montlhéry 28th September 1952, Coupe d'Automne, 1st

Marseilles 19th April 1953, 3rd

Orleans 31st May 1953, 6th in final

Montlhéry 20th September 1953, 1st

He continued to use the car until at least 1954.





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