JLR Silverstone 56.JPG (63969 bytes)Some results for Les in the JLR:

Silverstone 9th July 1949, 9th in all comers race

Lydstep 8th April 1950, 5th

Gamston 7th August 1950, 3rd

Silverstone 18th August 1951 Commander Yorke Trophy, 6th in non production car race

Gamston 6th October 1951, 2nd in non production car race

Silverstone 16th May 1953, DNF

Silverstone 5th September 1953 SUNBAC, DNF in heat

Oulton Park 3rd October 1953, 3rd in heat

Aintree 29th May 1954 Opening Meeting, 14th

Silverstone 21st August 1954 Commander Yorke Trophy, 6th in non production trophy

Mallory Park 6th August 1956, 2nd in heat

Silverstone 29th September 1956 Commander Yorke Trophy, 6th in pump fuelled class


The JLR was built for John Leslie Rowbotham by the Trickett Cabinet Company in Birmingham, a Rowbotham family firm, by Les and Bert Davis between 1947 and 1949. Les also rode an Ariel trials bike and sidecar with Bert in the chair.

Construction is typical of the early period with independent suspension using Fiat Topolino transverse springs and wishbones. The bodywork changed significantly from a simple slab sided design to a more rounded shape by the mid 50s. During is life it had a number of different engines, JAP, BSA and Ariel and is now fitted with a Triumph twin.

Les Rowbotham was elected Chairman of the Midland Centre of the Half Litre Car Club in 1953 and was awarded a trophy for the best home built car in 1955. The JLR finished 2nd in the 100 Octane Class in the Yorke Trophy at Silverstone in '56.

The JLR, with its early bodywork, at Silverstone in July '49.

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Les receives his trophy from Autosport for the '52 season.

In the 1956 Commander Yorke Trophy 100 mile race at Silverstone with addition of side tanks. Photo Ian Frost.

The JLR in 1998 trim with twin exhausts and round nose

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