KP Special

KP Special

The KP Special was based on Uno Jensen's Alfa Dana production car (itself based on a Cooper Mk IX). The KP had a standard Alfa Dana chassis but civil engineer Per Krogh of the Ecurie Centre Nord opted for a different suspension set-up. The front had a combined coil spring and damper unit with double wishbones, while the rear suspension featured pendulum axles and vertical coil spring and damper units, fixed at the top to a reversed wishbone-type construction which extruded from the bodywork into the air stream (making the car's rear-end look very much like a starved cow whose bones were almost penetrating the sloppy hide!). The KP Special was raced by Viggo Petersen, during 1958 but the car did not feature more than the regular Alfa Danas, possibly because he was running a JAP engine for much of the year.

On the grid at Roskildering in Denmark in 1958.

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Viggo Petersen poses in the paddock.

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The KP with body removed, clearly showing its Cooper origins.

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Known results:

Roskildering 15th May 1958, Viggo Petersen, 2nd in JAP race

Fargelbarn 8th June 1958, Viggo Petersen, 3rd in JAP race

Roskildering 22nd June 1958, Viggo Petersen, 7th

Roskildering 14th September 1958, Viggo Petersen, 5th

Roskildering 19th October 1958, Viggo Petersen, 5th


Roskildering 26th April 1959, Per Krogh, 3rd


Falkenberg 10th July 1960, Palle Krogh, DNF

Helsinki 11th May 1961, Erik Toft Hansen, 11th

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