Ken Hartley of South Africa originally built his car as a sports car in 1949, it was then converted to run as a 500cc racing car. It used a square tube DKW chassis with the front track widened and DKW transmission and front wheel drive. The engine was a Lawrence twin which had previously been used as a general donkey engine on Catalina flying boats.

Ken Hartley in the Lawhart in the 1949 Fairfield handicap February at Durban’s Snell Parade. Photo courtesy of Rob Young.

The original Lawhart reviewed for Iota by P.C. Harrington-Johnson in February 1952.

Later, Ken built a second car also using the Lawrence engine with a Burman gearbox and rear wheel drive using swing axle rear suspension. Ken Hartley moved to Southern Rhodesia in the mid 1950s and with the Lawhart now fitted with an 1172 Ford engine continued to compete in motor racing events. The car then became known as the Hartford.

It is pictured at Scott Road Hillclimb in the early 1950’s. Photo courtesy of Rob Young