Nami 041M


Nami is the Russian "central scientific research automobile and automotive engine institute" though how you get a four letter acronym out of that is beyond us.

The Nami-041M  was built in 1959 by Alexander Pelttser as a follow up to the Zvezda. It had a flat-twin IMZ M52S two stroke engine from a Ural motorcycle, giving around 40 hp.

In 1962, this was changed to a four stoke S51 engine, with double overhead cams, giving around 60 hp.

The chassis was a tubular space frame with all round independent suspension and may have had a glass fibre body.

The Nami won the Russian National Championship in 1960, with a wins at Leningrad in the hands of Georgy Surgučiov in July and August.

George reappeared in 1962 to win in Moscow in July and in Leningrad in August

Later, the car was given to MADI speed cars laboratory, which entered racing events on it until 1967, when A. Shornikov came 3rd in the USSR National Championship.


Our thanks to Alex Matveev for the information.