Otto Kolan's BMW special from 1949. Otto first appears in this car in mid '49, then transfers to a Swedish Effyh for the later part of 1950 and the first half of 1951, and back to the OK to take sixth in the West German Championship. He continues with the OK for a rather disappointing 1952 season before buying a Cooper Mk IV for 1953.

Some results for Otto in his OK:

Malente 21st August 1949, DNF

Hamburg 4th September 1949, 2nd

Grenzlandring 11th September 1949, 3rd

Koln 2nd October 1949, DNF


Nürburgring 11th June 1950, 7th

Kiel 18th June 1950, 2nd

Dessau 1st October 1950, 2nd


Kiel  17th June 1951, 5th

Avus 1st July 1951, 11th in heat, DNF in final

Donauringrennen 8th July 1951, DNF

Braunschweig 22nd July 1951, 2nd


Hockenheim 11th May 1952, DNF

Nürburgring 24th May 1952, DNF

Halle Saale Schleife 5th October 1952, DNF

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