The Ross 500 was constructed in 1953 by Ed Ross of South Australia. Little is known of the car except that it was powered by a Triumph engine and, as can just about be made out in the photo below, it was well-built. It's debut may have been at the Collingrove hill climb, October 1953.

It would make a number of appearances at Colingrove, and at the Port Wakefield circuit, and it was at the latter that things went badly wrong in October 1954. The car was to be driven in the Churchill Motors Scratch Race by HEG O'Hara (it was still owned by Ed Ross, who had driven at Collingrove two days earlier). In practice a fuel line had broken, and it failed again in the race. O'Hara pushed the car off-track, but this actuated the fuel pump, raising fuel onto the engine which promptly ignited. Despite assistance from spectators and eventually some fire marshals, but to little avail. Eventually the fuel tank exploded and the car burned out.

The Ross 500 on fire at Port Wakefield, October 1954

Ross 500 - burning.JPG (34126 bytes)

The car was eventually rebuilt, but results are scarce. We only have an appearance at Port Wakefield in 1958.

If anyone has any more details or photos, please get in touch.