Roger Gaillard was very much involved with the 500 movement in France and built three specials before moving on to a Martin, which we believe he sold on to André Loens, and an Arnott.

The first, 1950, car used a front mounted modified Simca engine in which he finished third in the Coupe D'Or at Montlhéry 1951.

The second car, for 1952 was more of a Cooper design with a mid mounted JAP engine, purchased from Philippe Schell, and Fiat style wishbones and transverse leaf springs. Roger finished fourth at Montlhéry in April but was never happy with the chassis.

At Draguignan in May 1952

For 1953, Roger built his third special with a stiffer tubular chassis and Manx Norton engine. With this, he took fourth at Montlhéry on 20th September 1953 and won at Bourges in October 1954.Thereafter, he bought Andre Loens' Martin and continued to compete in production cars.

Our thanks to Alain Gaillard

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