An early Swedish car driven by Olle Grandin in 1948

Known results:

Österäng, Örebro 13th June 1948, 2nd Olle Grandin

Kumla 1st August.1948, 3rd Olle Grandin

Rödkullabacken 8th August 1948, 2nd Olle Grandin

Harbyfräsen Nybro 10th October 1948, 4th John Vogel


Skövde 18th May 1950, 5th John Vogel

Linköping 24th September 1950, 5th Runar Carlenskog

Christer Larsson is in the process of restoring Silverfågel and we hope to see her back on track soon.

If you have any more information or pictures, please let us know.