Vergano Speciale

Francesco "Cecco" Vergano was a well known racing bike mechanic from Turin, Italy. In the forties and fifties, he worked with Giuseppe Carrù, an outfit driver and builder of his own bikes and engines, a twin dohc 500cc. Sometime in 1949 or 1950, Vergano built a Formula 3 car equipped with his own engine, to be raced by Dr. Tacconis, a dentist gentleman driver, at the GP of Valentino Park, in Turin. He appears to have the basic recipe right with independent suspension at each end, the engine mid mounted and a fairly low centre of gravity. Sadly Tacconis failed to finish the race due to oil problems and the project ended. Some discussions were held with Enrico Nardi with the possibility of using the engine but nothing materialised.

Our thanks to Ugo Vergano for the photo and history. If you have any more information or pictures, please let us know.