Waco Special

John Gerald Webster, known as Gerry, originally from Keighley in Yorkshire, was an engineer and designed and built the Waco with parts from a Waco glider as there was a shortage of steel and other materials after the war. He had some assistance from his brother, Brian, and his father who worked for Cox car dealership in Keighley. He only raced the car during the 1951 season as he joined up for National Service towards the end of 1951.

After the 1951 season, the Waco 500 was converted into a "small" 2 seater sports car by widening the seating area, fitting cycle wings and lights and a Harley Davidson engine. Gerry used it to travel back to Keighley from his RAF base at Market Drayton during his 2 years National Service. After that the car was not used and was stored for many years in his garage in Blackburn after he moved there a few years later.

At Gamston in July 1951 with the Emeryson of Don Williams on the outside

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