WGM Special

WGM Special

Morrie Wheeler and Jack Gow collaborated during 1950 & '51 to build this interesting Australian car. Both were designers with the Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation. The WGM had a Y shaped boxed chassis and Matchless G80 engine mounted up front with a primary chain back to a Norton gearbox and a secondary chain driving the front wheels. Rear suspension was De-Dion with rubber bands. The forward mounted engine and fairly high centre of gravity made the handling interesting!

Significantly, this was the first car in Australia to feature disk brakes, which Morrie and Jack designed and made themselves after experience with the ‘Winjeel’ trainer aircraft. Quite remarkable given that Jaguar, usually considered the pioneer of disks, only introduced them for the C Type in 1952.

The WGM still exists and is owned and exercised by Chester McKaige.


On the line at Rob Roy.

Side and front view clearly showing the engine's forward position










Our thanks to Martin Stubbs and Chester McKaige for the photos. Please get in touch if you have any more details or early history.